We don’t exactly know who gets the honour of revealing the advantages of oregano, but let’s thank the ancient Greeks. The name of this potent herb is said to come from two Greek words, ‘oros’ and ‘ganos’, meaning joy of the mountains. The Greeks and Romans used oregano for many purposes, from crowning brides to treating scorpion bites. And if it didn’t work, you could at least put some oregano on graves to comfort the spirits of the deceased.

Oregano has small, oval leaves that feel a bit fuzzy to touch. The flavour of oregano can be described as warm or pungent, peppery, a bit bitter and straightforward – think of marjoram on steroids. Or think of Italian or Greek cuisine. For many people, oregano is a ‘pizza spice’ or the green stuff sprinkled on a slice of feta cheece.

But this Honest Joe of your herb garden has so much more to give! Mix oregano leaves and young springs in pasta sauces and marinades, stews and casseroles. Try it with beans and vegetables like eggplant, especially if you cook them with tomatoes. Crush or shred oregano leaves to release the essential oils and add them to your meatloaf or meatballs ingredients, or sprinkle them on grilled fish with a dash of olive oil and lemon juice. And how about baking bread seasoned with parmesan and fresh oregano?

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