Arabia’s new Moomin mugs show Moominmamma and Fillyjonk doing their chores

Moominmamma and Fillyjonk have got renewed tableware sets for Arabia's Moomin Classics collection. In the illustrations, Moominmamma represents a relaxed attitude to life, while Fillyjonk keeps her life in order by neurotically cleaning her home.

Moomin by Arabia
Arabia's Moomin spring novelties 2021 feature Tove Jansson's characters Moominmamma and Mrs. Fillyjonk.

ARABIA'S NEW MOOMIN TABLEWARE dives into the typical traits of the figures in the Moomin stories. Launched in February 2021, the crockery features charming illustrations by Tove Slotte. They represent two opposite attitudes to life, capturing the essence of the characters: the kind and gentle Moominmamma doesn't let little things like mess and clutter bother her, whereas Fillyjonk is alarmed to see even the smallest bit of dust in her home.

Like previous Moomin tableware by Arabia, the spring 2021 novelties have been created based on Tove Jansson's stories and drawings. The illustration of the Moominmamma tableware is based on Tove and his brother Lars Jansson's comics Moomin Winter (1959) and Moominmamma’s Maid (1956). The illustration of the Fillyjonk dishes, on the other hand, is based on the book Moominvalley in November (1970) and the comic Fuddler’s Courtship (1959).

Moominmamma mug by Arabia
Moomin tableware is illustrated by Tove Slotte, who designs the motifs based on Tove Jansson’s original stories and drawings.
Moominmamma mug by Arabia
The Moominmamma illustration perfectly captures the character's easy-going attitude: she takes things as they come and enjoys the small pleasures of life.
Moominmamma plate by Arabia
The background of the Moominmamma tableware is a lovely pastel orange. The name of the delicious shade is marmalade.

In the Moominmamma set, Moominmamma is seen tending to her vegetable patch with her maid Misabel. Moominmamma has hired her to help take care of the Moominhouse after Mrs. Fillyjonk suggested Moominmamma could do with some assistance in keeping her home tidy. However, the gentle and always friendly Moominmamma can also enjoy life’s small pleasures: she may, for example, take time for herself and have a cup of coffee, as can be seen on the reverse side of the Moominmamma mug.

Fillyjonk mug by Arabia
In the illustration of the Fillyjonk mug, the character receives a telegram stating that a ladies' committee is coming to visit her home.
Fillyjonk mug by Arabia
Fillyjonk can be thought of as the exact opposite of Moominmamma. She neurotically cleans her home to maintain the feeling of having her life in order.
Fillyjonk tableware by Arabia
Both sets include a mug, a bowl, and a plate.

In the Mrs. Fillyjonk tableware, the titular character is also seen doing chores, but by no means is she as relaxed as Moominmamma. In the story that inspired the illustration, Fillyjonk has miraculously been cured of her cleanliness complex, and her house has fallen into disrepair. However, clever as she is, Moominmamma comes up with a ruse to get Fillyjonk back to her usual self: she instructs Fillyjonk’s children to give their mother a fabricated telegram saying a committee of ladies is coming for a visit. Fillyjonk’s lost passion for cleaning is recovered, and she immediately starts scrubbing her home to prepare for her guests’ arrival.

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