Set the table with the Moomin alphabet: introducing the ABC collection from Moomin by Arabia

Moomin by Arabia's new ABC collection Moomin mugs remind us of the joys of reading and writing and encourage us to come up with meaningful words. Instead of traditional Moomin illustrations, the mugs are decorated with charming Moominous letters.

Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, LOVE
The mugs in the alphabet collection are decorated with Moomin letters, from which everyone can choose their own initials or delight a loved one with a mug chosen specifically for them.

IN MANY HOMES, each family member or roommate has their own Moomin mug that somehow represents them – someone might think they’re a total Little My while another sees themselves as a Snufkin-like explorer and wanderer. Now you can choose your mug based on your initials: the latest Arabia Moomin mugs are decorated with Tove Jansson’s Moomin alphabet.

Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, LOVE
Each letter features a beloved Moomin character: Moominmamma, Moomintroll, Fuddler, Mymble, Sniff, or the mysterious duo Thingumy and Bob.
Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, HOME
The back sides of the mugs are adorned with further characters that together with the letter create a narrative – like the one where the Moomins meet the sporty Mr. Brisk.

Reading and writing with the Moomins

The ABC collection is part of an international initiative that brings together various businesses and organizations from Moomin license holders to libraries and publishing houses. Their shared mission is to spread the joy of reading with the help of the beloved characters: the mugs’ letters can be used to form familiar words.

“Since we want to celebrate creativity and playfulness, a truly fun part will be to see all the words Moomin fans all around the world come up with,” says Mirka Paasikangas, Global PR and Communications Manager for Moomin by Arabia.

Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, HOME
The letters in the collection are based on initial capitals and lettering Tove Jansson created for the book "The Memoirs of Moominpappa" and the maps of Moominvalley.
Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, LOVE
The mugs are a part of the “Reading, writing and the Moomins” initiative that promotes the importance of literacy and the joys of reading.
Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, LOVE
The first six mugs in the collection are colored with delicious candy hues.

Moominous themes: love and home

The first six mugs in the collection feature the letters L, O, V, E, H, and M which can be used to form the words LOVE and HOME.

“The collection’s first mugs, L, O, V, and E, make an easily approachable start to the Moomin alphabet. The word ‘love’ says something profound about the meaning of life in itself as well as the Moomin stories, where togetherness, open-mindedness, friends, and family are at the center,” says Mirka Paasikangas.

HOME is also a rather obvious word – after all, the Moomin house is the most important setting in Jansson's stories! In addition, home and its meaning are recurring, important themes in Moomin stories.

Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, LOVE
The L mug features Moominmamma, the O mug Moomintroll, the V mug Fuddler and the E mug Mymble.
Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, HOME
The H mug has Sniff as the main character, and the M mug features Thingumy and Bob.

The perfect gift as a set or individually

The LOVE or HOME mugs make the perfect gift sets, but the letters also offer a nice opportunity to pick only your initial or perhaps the one of someone near and dear to you. Maybe you know a Laura, an Odile, a Vivian, or an Emil? Or perhaps a Harry or a Mimi? And if yours or your friends' initials are yet not available, don’t worry: the collection is due to expand sooner than you think (next fall, that is).

“We are bringing out new alphabet mugs every year, and eventually, everyone will find the ones with their own initials. The order is based on the most common international first names,” says Paasikangas.

Moomin by Arabia ABC collection mugs, HOME
The new mugs are larger than usual, 0.4 liters – perfect for hot chocolate, chamomile tea, or a giant cup of coffee in the morning!

Big cuppa Moomins

Like the rest of Arabia’s Moomin mugs, the ABC mugs’ forms are based on the Teema series. But whereas most Moomin mugs have a capacity of 0,3 liters, the ABC collection’s mugs are 0,4 liters.

According to Arabia, especially tea drinkers have been requesting larger mug sizes, but we can easily see the mugs being used for a cup of hot chocolate with a hefty pile of whipped cream on top! Our editorial team also has a few big coffee drinkers who wouldn’t mind the larger size for their morning cuppa.

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Edit: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Arabia

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