Classic after classic – Louis Poulsen’s spring news 2022

Fans of Danish lighting design will surely rejoice this March, as Louis Poulsen is due to launch a bunch of delicious newbies to three of its iconic collections. Whether you prefer the creations of Poul Henningsen, Vilhelm Lauritzen, or Verner Panton, you are truly in for a treat!

Louis Poulsen PH 3/3 hanging in the ceiling of a dressing room.
Louis Poulsen's new arrivals in 2022 will include two of the so-called full-sized PH luminaires as well as the fun, round VL Studio.

IN MARCH 2022, Danish brand Louis Poulsen will launch several new lighting designs to its most beloved collections. New luminaires will be added to the playful Panthella series, Poul Henningsen's iconic PH collection as well as the VL series originally designed for Copenhagen's Radiohus. All of the new arrivals will also be available at Finnish Design Shop in March. And stay tuned – little birdes told us there might be more new items coming later this spring.

Louis Poulsen Panthella 320 lamp in grey and chrome on a table.
The union of gray and chrome is a tribute to the original 1971 colorway of the Panthella table lamp.
Louis Poulsen Panthella Mini lamp in grey and chrome on a shelf.
The new colors will be available in the smaller versions of Panthella: Panthella 320, Panthella Mini, and Panthella Portable.

The comeback of gray Panthella

The distinctively expressive Panthella luminaire is re-released in its original color, with a gray opal shade and a high-luster chrome foot. Designed by Verner Panton, the lamp's gray, translucent shade makes the light pleasantly soft, while the chromed trumpet stand reflects both light and the lamp's surroundings, emphasizing the luminaire's sculptural design language. The color combination is available in the Panthella 320, Panthella Mini, and Panthella Portable table lamps, which are smaller versions of the original Panthella from 1971.

Louis Poulsen PH 3/3 hanging in the ceiling of a staircase.
The new PH luminaires are particularly well suited for tall spaces like staircases or entrance halls.
Louis Poulsen PH 3/3 hanging in the ceiling of a hallway.
The rounder shape makes the PH 3/3 and PH 5/5 lamps especially glare-free.
Louis Poulsen PH 3/3 all black, top shade in black and in opal white glass.
The PH 3/3 luminaire will be launched in three different colorways: all black, with a black top shade, and all glass. The black lamp gives out a downward light, while the opal glass one glows also horizontally.

Full-sized PH 3/3 and PH 5/5

Created by Danish designer legend Poul Henningsen, the PH collection will expand with the so-called “full-size” luminaires PH 3/3 and PH 5/5. They are designed to be particularly glare-free and are therefore best suited for tall spaces – whereas the so-called “hybrid sizes”, such as PH 3/2, are designed to be hung low, preferably over a table. The new luminaires are also more rounded than the hybrid sizes.

If the words “full-size” and “hybrid-size” sound confusing to you, here’s a little reminder of how the series is named: all PH luminaires are named according to the sizes of their three-piece shades so that the first number in the name indicates the diameter of the top shade. In the full-size luminaires, the latter figure suggests that the lower shades are designed for this particular size in a ratio of approximately 3:2:1. For example, in the PH 5/5 luminaire, the diameter of the upper shade is 50 cm, the center shade 31 cm, and the lowest shade 16.5 cm.

In the hybrid luminaires, the lower shades are actually designed for a smaller top shade. In the PH 3/2 luminaire, for example, the two lower shades are not designed for a 30 cm shade, but for a 20 cm shade. So the top shade is always significantly larger than the lower ones.

Louis Poulsen VL Studio on the wall of a staircase.
The VL Studio wall lamp belongs to the same collection as the VL45 luminaire, better known as Radiohus. In both lamps, light is filtered through opal glass, which makes the lighting pleasantly soft.
Louis Poulsen VL Studio on the wall next to a window.
The luminaire can be turned 90 degrees – so the light can also be directed up or sideways.
Louis Poulsen VL Studio on a windowsill.
The VL Studio floor and table lamps mimic the design of the original wall lamp conceived in the 1940s.

An old radio lamp: VL Studio

A new wall lamp, VL Studio, will be added to the VL collection designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen. The adorable little luminaire consists of a matte black or brass hemisphere and an opal glass dome forming the other side of the ball, with three layers of glass filtering the light pleasantly and evenly. VL Studio will also be presented as floor and table lamp versions based on the original wall lamp.

Like the other luminaires in the collection, VL Studio was originally designed in the 1940s for Copenhagen's Radiohuset, the Danish radio house, whose architecture and interior design was created by Lauritzen as a gesamtkunstwerk. The luminaire is named after how it was originally used in the building: VL Studio was used outside the broadcast studios to show whether a broadcast was on or not.

Louis Poulsen's new collection will arrive to Finnish Design Shop in March 2022.

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Louis Poulsen

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