Luxurious sauna moments – check out our top 8 tips for upgrading the atmosphere of the cottage sauna

If you feel like your old beloved cottage sauna needs a fresh look, it can be easily accomplished without renovations or painting the surfaces. We have gathered eight products that will bring a luxurious spa-like atmosphere to your summer cottage sauna. And of course, these products also make great cottage gifts!

Nimikko bathrobe, sand - dark blue
Marimekko’s Nimikko bathrobe, designed by Kristina Isola in 1985, features a wide stripe pattern in light beige and dark blue.

1. Classic stripes

Finnish sauna-goers might remember one thing from their childhood cottage sauna – Marimekko’s striped terry towels, each sauna-goer having their own color. Update your sauna attire with a robe version of the striped towel, Marimekko’s Nimikko bathrobe. Wrap yourself in this full-cotton Nimikko robe, featuring the stripe pattern designed by Kristina Isola in the 80s. The robe has a loose fit and 3/4 length wide sleeves, evoking a luxurious spa environment. After a sauna session, you can relax in the robe and enjoy refreshments on the veranda.

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Kori basket, 45 x 25 cm, rattan
The Kori basket looks a little bit like a modern version of a traditional Finnish woven birch basket.

2. Modern straw basket

A woven basket is a convenient accessory in the summer. The natural appearance of a rattan Kori basket by Lokal Helsinki recalls a classic straw basket, but it is even more practical for carrying items. You can arrange sauna drinks and shampoos upright at the bottom of the basket, and on top, you can place towels and spare clothes. Thanks to the tall handle, it can be hung on your arm. This versatile basket can also be taken to a summer market, picnic or used for storing accessories.

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Detangling comb, ocean
The Nuori detangling comb brings sleek Scandi elegance to hair styling and a bit of luxury to the everyday.

3. Gentle moment for your hair

During summer, you can relax your hair care routines, so your sauna basket only needs a few carefully selected products to create a pleasurable sauna and bathing experience. The ocean blue detangling comb by Nuori, elegantly packaged in a beautiful case, is perfect for applying a hair mask or detangling your hair after the sauna. The comb is handmade from a wood-based material, and each tooth is polished to effortlessly glide through your hair, being gentle on both your hair and scalp.

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Carrie portable table lamp, outdoor, black
The dimmable Carrie lamp is rechargeable and cordless, so it can be used as a portable source of illumination for summer houses.

4. Let there be light

No longer do you have to step on pine cones in the dark on your way to the sauna. You can simply slide Audo Copenhagen’s lantern-like rechargeable LED light onto your arm. The removable handle of this opal glass Carrie light is made of ABS plastic, and the brightness can be dimmed according to your preference. You can create an intimate candle-like lighting in the sauna and later take the lantern to the dock for sunset viewing.

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Periferia stool, black
Nikari’s Periferia is a clean-lined stool designed for saunas and bathrooms.

5. Embrace the wood

In the bathing area of a cottage sauna, less is usually more. A high-quality seat, a bucket of water, and a ladle form a proven combination. The Periferia sauna stool made of black-stained alder wood by Nikari is an investment for all future cottage summers and generations to come. The pleasantly shaped curved seat of the sauna stool is designed from two wooden pieces in a way that water drains off its surface. The used wood is sourced sustainably and treated with a natural oil wax suitable for wet environments.

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Aallonmurtaja seat cover 46 x 150 cm, white - blue
The Aallonmurtaja sauna seat cover is adorned with Reeta Ek's wavy two-tone pattern inspired by the ripples of the Baltic Sea.

6. Waves on the benches

In minimalist spaces like a sauna, small details can make a big difference. So why not start by updating your old, frayed bench covers? The Aallonmurtaja seat cover, designed by Reeta Ek for Lapuan Kankurit, suits the atmosphere of any sauna, whether it's by a lake, the sea, or in the countryside. The 150 cm wide bench cover provides ample space for relaxation or seating for multiple sauna-goers. The sturdy linen-cotton fabric withstands use and complements the wooden benches with its with its natural texture and finish.

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Sauna scent gift set, 4 pcs, pine box
The sauna scent gift set by Hetkinen makes bathing even more relaxing with comforting essential oils.

7. Stimulating all the senses

Scents should not be forgotten when creating an ambiance. The Hetkinen sauna scent set includes four bottles with different fragrances. Add 10-15 drops to the sauna water, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a spruce forest, a smoke sauna, an herb garden, or a field of flowers. All ingredients in the Hetkinen products are plant-based, and they come in beautiful pine wood packaging, making them the perfect cottage gifts.

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Lighthouse Island carafe set
The Lighthouse Island tableware set brings a fresh breeze and simplistic forms to the summer cottage.

8. Refreshment for cooling down

The Lighthouse Island carafe set, designed by Harri Koskinen, is perfect for the post-sauna cooling down moment. You can pour your favorite beverage into the two accompanying glasses from the carafe and serve them on the pine wood tray, which is also included in the set. To protect the drinks from insects, the carafe comes with a glass dome. The tray is handmade, and all glass parts are mouth-blown, giving them a lively textured finish.

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Text: Jenna Kiuru Images: Mira Ahola and manufacturers

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