Update the bathroom decor effortlessly

At its best, the functional bathroom offers also relaxing spa moments and a hint of luxury to everyday routines. By adding cozy interior details and clever storage solutions you can transform your bathroom into a more inviting and decorous space. Dive into our favorite products!

Ferm Living Curvature hook, brass

Curvy hooks

Towels, bathrobes, and other favorite accessories can be easily hung on the unique hooks. The soft shapes of Ferm Living’s Curvature hooks create playfulness to the tough brass. Crafted by hand, the hooks add a luxurious feel to the bathroom walls either in a row or individually.

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Hay Tann toothbrush, mint

Bright brushing moments

Hay’s Tann toothbrushes enliven the everyday brushing moments and fascinate with the cute shades. The adorable toothbrushes were developed together with Jordan, and their simple design language represents practical minimalism. Pair up the toothbrush with a similar color Toothbrush holder, which delights on the bathroom shelf.

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Hetkinen Drop diffuser, tall, pine wood

Sensational scent

The scent attracts the senses and gives the finishing touch to any space. Designed by Antrei Hartikainen, the Hetkinen Drop diffuser let you enjoy the scent of choice by adding a drop of your favorite essential oil into the groove of the diffuser’s cover. In addition, the crafted pine wood diffuser serves as a beautiful interior element.

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Korbo Wire basket Classic 65, galvanized

Laundry helper

Korbo's metal baskets offer numerous uses for storage, and with the added laundry bag, they also provide a stylish setting for dirty laundry. The baskets made of hand-woven metal wire last for a lifetime – galvanized material coated with zinc protects the steel from damage. The industrial-inspired baskets are a personal yet practical addition to the bathroom.

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Woud Verde mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Replacing a mirror cabinet with a minimalist mirror is the key to a simplistic and modern look. The Verde mirror by Woud is a real multitasker: it works also as a convenient shelf and has a metal rack for towels, for instance. Therefore, in addition to a beautiful reflector, the Verde solves storage problems and helps with the display.

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Brabantia ReNew storage pots, white

Store the smallest goods

Are your hairpins and earrings constantly lost? Brabantia’s ReNew storage pots collect conveniently small items and keep them nearby. Stackable jars are finished with lids that ensure dust-free storage and keep the tables coordinated. Minimalist and eye-pleasing storage solutions unify the style of the bathroom.

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The Organic Company Big Waffle hand towel, stone

Super-soft essentials

High-quality towels soften the look of the bathroom, creating a relaxed spa-feeling during everyday routines. Made of organic cotton, the Organic Company’s Big Waffle towels dry both the body and the hands, and the waffle-like details of the towels bring a cozy, textured ambiance to space.

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Skagerak Dania mat, teak

The warmth of the wood

Wood creates a natural and warm nuance to the bathroom. The Skagerak’s teak wood Dania mat is suitable for warming your feet in the sauna dressing room or bathroom. In addition, the water will run conveniently through the wooden slats. The surface of the untreated teak will live beautifully and gradually change over time.

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Lapuan Kankurit Terva bathrobe with hood, white - grey

Wrap yourself in a robe

The bathrobe makes a morning shower the best moment of the day, and its embrace warms you up after a weekend sauna. The linen blended Terva bathrobe, made with traditional Finnish weaving technique, feels comfortable against the skin, is pleasantly light, and dries quickly.

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Text: Sarianna Määttänen Images: Manufacturers

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