Arabia’s Moomin summer mug 2022 sees Moomins gone fishing

Arabia’s Moomin seasonal set for summer 2022 continues the Moomin family’s summer adventure with a jolly fishing theme. The tableware’s pastel-hued illustration features a collage of elements from three Moomin comic strip stories.

Table setting with Arabia's Moomin summer set 2022, Fishing
In Arabia's seasonal tableware of summer 2022, the Moomins are enjoying one of their favorite summer activities, fishing.

THE MOOMIN SUMMER MUG 2022 features the Moomin family having yet another summer adventure: this time, they are enjoying a bout of fishing. Adorned with a beautiful pastel-hued illustration, the seasonal tableware set is called Fishing, and it also features a plate. As in previous years, the seasonal set is available for a limited time only.

The Fishing tableware set continues the Moomins’ summer adventure that began in 2018. The Moomins have already gone swimming, lounged in the garden, and taken a trip to the French Riviera. The set’s pastel color scheme is also familiar from the previous seasonal tableware like 2021’s Together and 2019’s Evening Swim.

Arabia's Moomin summer tableware set 2022, Fishing
Moomin seasonal mugs are released annually, one in the summer and one in the winter. In summer, the mug is accompanied by a plate decorated with the same illustration, while in winter, the mug is accompanied by a bowl.
Table setting with Arabia's Moomin summer set 2022, Fishing
The illustration of the summer set is based on three Moomin comic strip stories, whose elements and characters are combined to create a clear narrative background for the illustration.
Arabia's Moomin summer mug 2022, Fishing
In the illustration's story, the Moomin family and their friends have moved to a lighthouse island. After a stormy night, Too-ticky finds fish in the rocky cavities that have been washed there with the waves.

The illustration of the Fishing tableware is based on three different comics by Tove and Lars Jansson. The illustration was created with the collage technique, in which selected elements of the original comic strips are combined in a way that creates a narrative illustration – in other words, the different characters are picked from different comics.

Too-Ticky, Snorkmaiden, and Moominpappa are from the comic strip story “Moomin and the Sea” from 1957, while Moomintroll was picked from the 1959 comic “Moomin under Sail”. Snufkin, who is sitting on a rock with a rod in his hand, stems from the comic “Moomin and the Golden Tail,” which was originally published in 1958.

Arabia's Moomin summer set 2022, Fishing
The style of the illustration is similar to the previous Moomin summer tableware. If you missed out on any limited edition Moomin treasures, you can look for them on Franckly, our marketplace for pre-owned design.
Arabia's Moomin summer plate 2022, Fishing
The soft pastel hues underline the illustration's summery feel.
A pile of Arabia's Moomin summer tableware 2022, Fishing
The Fishing mug and plate will only be available for a limited time until the end of summer 2022.

Out of all possible summer activities, fishing is particularly well suited as a theme for the tableware – it is one of the Moomins’ favorite pastimes and is depicted in numerous Moomin stories.

The narrative background of the Fishing illustration is based on a story where the Moomin family and friends set sail towards a lighthouse where they also decide to reside. On the barren island, the Moomins are at the mercy of the sea and harsh weather conditions – but when the sun is out, they get to enjoy fishing.

The Moomin seasonal set for summer 2022 will be available at Finnish Design Shop at the beginning of May, and it will be sold for a limited time only.

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