Skultuna’s new Moomin figurines feature Moomintroll having winter fun

The elegant Moomin x Skultuna collection expanded with two new figurines that depict Moomintroll engaging in winter activities. Which one is your favorite: Lantern Bearer or Alpine Moomintroll?

Two gilded Moomintroll figurines in a wintery landscape under a starry night sky.
Skultuna's new Moomintroll figures depict the character's activities in a wintery Moominvalley.

SKULTUNA’S popular 2021 collection titled Moomin x Skultuna has expanded with two new collectible figurines. Both new additions depict Moomintroll, but this time the beloved protagonist of Tove Jansson's Moomin tales is seen having winter fun, either carrying a lantern or skiing. The figurines are designed to tell a story, and they are sure to get your imagination spinning.

A gilded Moomintroll figurine carries a lantern.
The lantern-bearing Moomintroll has put a scarf around its neck to fend off the cold.
A gilded Moomintroll figurine carries a lantern in a snowy landscape.
The wintery characters tell a story, tickling the imagination.

The first of the new figurines sees Moomintroll out and about in the cold, dark Moominvalley dressed in a scarf and carrying a lantern. He has apparently woken up in the middle of his sleep, as Moomins usually hibernate. Many Moomin fans may recollect such a scene from Tove Jansson’s book Moominland Midwinter: in the book, Moomintroll wakes up and can no longer get back to sleep, so he decides to go out to greet his friend Snufkin, who should be returning to Moominvalley in spring.

A gilded Moomintroll figurine skiing down a snowy slope.
The Alpine Moomintroll's pose paints a picture of movement and speed.
A gilded Moomintroll figurine with skis and sticks.
The super-popular Moomin collectible characters are plated with genuine gold, giving them an elegant sheen.

The other figurine has skis and sticks, and he can be envisioned going down a slope, scarf fluttering and sticks towards the sky. The Moominland Midwinter book also features a scene in which Moonmintroll tries skiing for the first time. Those who like cross-country skiing can also imagine him double poling – in either case, the character’s pose is very dynamic.

A gilded Moomintroll figurine carries a lantern in a snowfall.
The figurines' manufacturer Skultuna is a prestigious Swedish design brand known particularly for its home products and jewelry in metals.
A gilded Moomintroll figurine with skis and sticks in a wintery landscape.
The sparkle of gold adds a touch of luxury to the beloved characters.

Skultuna’s Moomin figures have been designed in close collaboration with Moomin Characters, the official copyright holder of the Moomins, as a tribute to the original Moomin stories. A clear narrative background adds new dimensions to the figurines, as they can easily be imagined in the wintery scenes of Jansson's books, Moomin comics, or animations. Or maybe you want to come up with your own story about the character's winter adventures?

A gilded Moomintroll figurine with skis and sticks in a dark wintery lanscape with trees and hills in the background.
The figures can be imagined, for example, in the events of Tove Jansson's book Moominland Midwinter.
A gilded Moomintroll figurine skiing down a snowy hill with the rest of the Moomin family watching from between trees.
In addition to the Moomintroll figurines, the collection includes the rest of the Moomin family as well as a number of their friends.

Like the previous figurines in the series, the new Moomintrolls are made of steel and finished with a gold plating – and not just any plating, but genuine 18-carat gold. The characters make for a great collectible item and a gift idea for any devoted Moomin fan. The Design Stories team also can envision the Alpine Moomintroll as a playful trophy for many a future skiing competition!

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Skultuna

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