Muuto’s Stacked storage furniture can be stacked in an endless number of ways

Muuto’s popular series of shelving units, Stacked, was born of a desire to combine a unique design style with practicality. The infinitely adaptable storage system that also encourages creativity is the handiwork of architect and designer Julien de Smedt.

Muuto's Stacked shelving system
Muuto's Stacked 2.0 shelving modules can be stacked on the floor, set on a podium or mounted on the wall.

STACKED BY MUUTO, is a modular storage system made up of pieces that you can stack into a bookshelf that stretches up to the ceiling, into low side table, a closed closet for clothes or an open shelving unit for the wall. Or just about anything else, too; Stacked was designed to be infinitely expandable and changed up with ease.

”Design should always have a characteristic expression while serving an obvious function. I found that shelving systems often only fulfilled one of the two and from there grew the idea for Stacked”, says architect and designer Julien de Smedt, who heads up the offices of JDS Architects in Copenhagen.

Muuto Stacked shelving system
A space divider made of Stacked modules brings additional storage space.
Muuto's Stacked shelving system
Combining modules in different sizes and colors creates a unique configuration.
Muuto's Stacked shelving system
Stacked offers storage space not only for beautiful objects but also for important documents and folders.
Create a clean-lined Stacked shelving unit by choosing modules in just a few sizes.

Stacked modules can adapt to suit a variety of aesthetic preferences. They can be used to build storage solutions that range from geometrically uniform and reserved in colour, all the way to something captivatingly asymmetrical that plays will various shades and shapes. The modules are attached to one another with simple metal attachments and you can leave gaps of any size between pieces to accommodate larger objects or even household plants.

Stacked also adapts effortlessly to ever-changed living situations and environments; it is easy to carry the light modules as well as to rearrange them, just as if they were Lego pieces. You can stack them directly on the floor or on top of a separate base, and the modules with back panels can also be attached to the wall, if you like.

"I wanted to design a shelving system of modules in three sizes that can be arranged and rearranged in any way you'd like, making for a unique storage solution", de Smedt says.

Muuto's Stacked shelving system
The modules are secured by brackets that come in a range of colors.
The Stacked collection was designed by Belgian architect Julien de Smedt.
Muuto's Stacked shelving system
Mini Stacked 2.0 shelving modules are smaller versions of the Stacked modules and can be mounted on the wall.
Muuto's Stacked shelving system
The Mini Stacked modules make great wall shelving units in the kitchen, hallway, living room and bedroom.

The collection includes a total of 34 different modules in three sizes. In addition to the open models, there are also modules with back panels or with doors, as well as acoustic panels that are sold separately. The collection’s selection of colours includes oak, white, grey and light grey, and the oak module is available with a back panel in either green or grey.

Since its release in 2008, Stacked has been spreading the word of wonderful Nordic design around the world for over a decade. In honour of the collection’s 10th anniversary, Muuto renewed its shade and material selection with the Stacked 2.0 collection. Over the years, an additional version of the collection, called Mini Stacked, was released, made up of smaller and lighter wall modules.

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Text: Nora Uotila Photos: Muuto

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