Menu’s spring collection introduces marble, velvet and trendy shades of brown to your home

What the new 2018 designs of the Danish brand Menu have in common are simple, geometric shapes and muted, earthy hues. See our favorite products from the spring collection!

Menu spring collection 2018

The Harbour chair draws the eye with its minimalistic design. A TR Bulb table lamp sits on a marble Plinth podium.

MENU IS PRESENTING its new collection at the upcoming spring fairs. The range includes elegant furniture, lighting fixtures and decorative accessories befitting a modern Scandinavian home. Finnish Design Shop’s buyer Hanna Mäkelä has acquainted herself with the new designs for her work, and she is especially delighted with the luxurious materials of the products.

Colored glass, soft velvet and Carrara marble – the materials are luxurious.

“The collection includes, for example, leather, colored glass, soft velvet and white Carrara marble. The collection’s color palette is calm and earthy: the colors range from sand and light gray to black and dark brown,” says Hanna.

Menu spring collection 2018

The impressive Afteroom lounge chair makes a good companion to the new NoNo coffee table, whose glass surface reflects light in a beautiful manner.

Menu spring collection 2018

The Afteroom chairs will soon be available in a velvety fabric.

Menu spring collection 2018

The small version of the Afteroom coat rack plays with round shapes and straight lines, as does the range.

Menu spring collection 2018

Menu’s new Septembre line includes a coffee table, a sofa and an armchair. The round lamp on the table is TR Bulb.

Marble types of various colors have been used in the impressive Plinth podiums, the Septembre coffee table as well as the collection’s lighting fixtures. The new upholstery fabric of the minimalistic Afteroom chairs, in turn, has an inviting velvety surface.

One of this year’s furniture launches is the sleek Harbour chair that Norm Architects designed for Menu’s new showroom and office, Menu Space. The comfortable chair with delicate legs is ideal for homes, offices as well as restaurants, and there are several different color and upholstery options.

In addition to the high-quality materials of the products, attention is also drawn to their inventive design. For example, the second, separately sold shade of the Douwes pendant lamp is in fact a socket where you can conveniently plug in the charger of a laptop or phone. The light gray unglazed porcelain lamp is made by hand in the Netherlands.

Menu spring collection 2018

The ceramic Douwes pendant provides both light and power.

Menu spring collection 2018

One of the new hues of the Carrie LED table lamp is a serene olive green.

Menu spring collection 2018

The larger version of the JWDA table lamp has a base made of marble.

Menu spring collection 2018

The cordless Phare lamp travels with you wherever light is needed.

Another innovative new lamp is the minimalistic Phare, the premise of which was based on the unlit roof terrace of the Cité Radieuse residence designed by Le Corbusier. The lightweight, USB-chargeable aluminum lamp is easy to transport to outdoor areas, and its design language follows the modernist style of the renowned building in Marseille.

The familiar Carrie and JWDA lamps, in turn, have been launched in new colors and materials: the charming Carrie will soon also be available in olive green and burned red, and the sympathetic JWDA has grown by 12% in size and gained a beautiful, white marble base.

The new products will become available from Finnish Design Shop during the spring. Explore Menu’s products >

Text: Laura Hallikainen Photos: Menu

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