Kasper Nyman designs on the materials’ terms

The Danish brand, Woud, has included the Helsinki-based designer Kasper Nyman’s Mono chairs in its collection.

Designer Kasper Nyman
Kasper Nyman and a prototype of the Mono chair. The avid downhill mountain biker dreams of designing for Vitra.

KASPER NYMAN specializes in furniture design under his business name, Office KN. Nyman is originally from the city of Porvoo but, more recently, he has become a Helsinki resident. He graduated from Aalto University’s master’s degree program in Furniture Design in 2015. Nyman describes his style as one that builds on the Nordic design tradition.

“I’m not very good at describing my own products. However, my work’s roots are in Scandinavian design.”

“My work’s roots are in Scandinavian design.”

Woud's Mono chairs by Kasper Nyman
The innovative design of the Mono chair could not be realized with traditional methods.

One of Nyman’s chairs, Mono, was included in the standard collection of Woud, a Danish brand. The gist of Mono is in the elegantly crafted seat that uses the innovative UPM Grada material. Because of its special adhesive film, this plywood can be molded by heating and cooling the adhesive. As a matter of fact, the Mono chair’s design could not even be realized using traditional methods.

“I designed Mono on the terms of the material. I worked on the chair for over four years, so I’m glad to finally see it in production.”

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Text: Mikko Vaija Pictures: Annikki Valomieli and Woud

The article was previously published in Design Stories issue 3.

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