In the spotlight: Brabantia’s Bo sorting campaign

With roots in a small Dutch village, Brabantia has transformed household chores across the world. Now is your chance to enjoy 20% off Bo Touch Bins, Pedal Bins and Laundry Bins by the sustainably-minded brand. Join us in discovering Finnish Design Shop’s frequently updated product campaigns, allowing you to save on long-term interior investments.

Brabantia Bo Touch Bin Hi, 60L, black
Brabantia's Bo Touch Bin not only lends a helping hand with everyday tidiness – it is also designed to blend into contemporary surroundings seamlessly.

INNOVATIONS FOR EVERYDAY LIFE have been essential to Brabantia for over a century. Beloved favourites, such as the collection of Bo waste bins and laundry bins, have made sure that the manufacturer has a steady spot in the minds of avid decorators worldwide.

Brabantia Bo Touch Bin 3 x 11 L, Sense of Luxury, grey
Thanks to its separate inner containers, the Bo Touch Bin makes for a fully functional waste solution. Its hard-wearing surface is constructed to last daily use.
Brabantia Bo Pedal Bin 11 + 23 L, white
The odour-free lid, wide pedal and non-skid base that protects the floor are some of the many perks of the Bo Pedal Bin.

In addition to a pleasing design, ease of use defines the range of Bo products. The durable coated steel surface and non-skid base are merely the beginning – whereas Bo Pedal Bins make use of a practical pedal, Bo Touch Bins are easy to open by touching the lid softly.

In addition to a pleasing design, ease of use defines the range of Bo products.

Brabantia's Bo Laundry Bins are sure to meet even the most demanding needs, as their removable, machine-washable laundry bags offer plenty of practicality. Available in two handy heights, the laundry bins are decorated with a perforated pattern that also enables ventilation.

Brabantia Bo Laundry Bin, 60 L, white
Available in two handy heights, the Bo Laundry Bins feature a perforated pattern that also serves as ventilation holes.
Brabantia Bo Laundry Bin Hi, 2 x 45 L, matt black
Sorting is made simpler than ever with the removable, machine-washable laundry bag within the user-friendly Bo Laundry Bin.

Waste sorting and recycling have been a part of Brabantia's range since 1951 when the brand introduced its first pedal bin series. Launched in 2017, the Bo collection is a continuation of the brand's efforts to produce items that stand the test of time and daily wear – not surprisingly, it has received a Cradle to Cradle certificate on the Bronze level for its high level of sustainability.

Brabantia Bo Touch Bin Hi, 2 x 30L, matt steel
Thanks to adjustable legs, a rectangular shape, and a lid that opens with a soft touch, Brabantia's waste bin is highly multifunctional – both in terms of use and placement.

Originally known as Van Elderen & Co., the business has made sustainable production a top priority since expanding its operations far and wide from the small village of Aalst. Brabantia's ambitious goals include solely using recycled materials and renewable energy in the future.


For a limited time, Finnish Design Shop is offering 20% off Brabantia’s Bo Touch Bins, Pedal Bins and Laundry Bins. The campaign is valid until 21 November 2021.

What: Brabantia

  • A fourth-generation family business founded in the village of Aalst, located in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands.
  • Began its journey already in 1919 as a manufacturer of milk cans, jugs and sieves.
  • Currently, the selection includes a wide range of popular household items that help to ease waste sorting, doing laundry and ironing, among other everyday tasks.
  • Manufactures beautiful and practical products also for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Works with a strong emphasis on promoting sustainability by making use of post-production recycled material, among other efforts.

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Text: Eero Nurmi Images: Brabantia

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