Bag-In-Box carafe

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The Eva Solo Bag-In-Box carafe is a innovative product which offers a simple and aesthetic design solution to serving boxed wine. The carafe is stylishly designed and holds the same amount as conventional wine bottles, making it ideal for serving wine at table and keeping it in the fridge. Today, quality wines are not exclusively sold in bottles, and Bag-In-Box or boxed - wine has found its way into many homes. The Eva Solo Bag-In-Box carafe offers a stylish solution to serving Bag-In-Box wine. The carafe is made of glass and supplied in a practical 75 cl size, the standard volume of ordinary wine bottles. The carafe enables you to see how much wine is being drunk, and it will also fit in most fridge doors for keeping rosé and white wine cooled. The carafe has a graceful shape with a stainless steel insert in the top. The mouth of the carafe is intentionally wide to facilitate tapping Bag-In-Box wine into the carafe. The carafe is drip-free, and the carafe´s insert and shape also mean that the wine is decanted when transferring it from the box to the carafe. The carafe comes with a black silicone stopper, which can be used to seal the flask so wine can be kept until the following day. The carafe is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.

Eva Solo
Tools Design
75 cl
Glass, stainless steel

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