Kapu coffee scoop and bag closer

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Kapu coffee scoop and bag closer was designed by Teemu Karhunen. Kapu helps you store your coffee properly in its own package. It closes the coffee bag airtight so that coffee keeps its freshness and aromas protected from oxygen and the coffee scoop stays always at hand. Kapu is locally produced in Finland from Finnish birch plywood by using both modern production technology and old handicraft methods. Naturally, only wood and finishing oils approved for contact with food are used in Kapu. When needed, wipe Kapu with a damp cloth and dry it immediately. Do not wash Kapu in a dishwasher. You can revive its finishing every few years by using wood treatment oil. This is all you need to do to keep Kapu nice and clean year after year, even for decades.
Teemu Karhunen
Length 160 mm, width 44 mm, height 15 mm
Birch plywood