Bottle grinder, 2-pack, ash/carbon - steel

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The Bottle grinders, designed by Norm Architects for Menu, are an innovative take on traditional spice mills. They come with a powerful ceramic grinding mechanism that is located conveniently on the top part of the mill – you don't have to worry about the grounds spreading on the table. The simple, bottle-shaped design is fun, unique, and looks great in any kitchen.

The set includes two Bottle grinders in different tones, perfected with steel adjustment knobs. The grinders have a silicone coating that is easy to clean and provides a good grip.

Norm Architects
BPA-free plastic, silicone, ceramic grinder, steel
Ash, carbon, steel
20,5 cm
8 cm
Care instructions:
Menu recommends that after emptying the grinders, cleaning is done with lukewarm water mixed with soap flakes while using a soft sponge. Please make sure the grinder is wiped off with a clean damp cloth and thoroughly dried off before refilled with salt/pepper.


Norm Architects

Norm Architects

Norm Architects is a dynamic design duo composed by the Danish architects Kasper Rønn (b. 1976) and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (b. 1976), both graduates of the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen. Being true modernists, they believe in design where the focus is in meeting a real need instead of creating one, and this reflects from their work as architects as well as industrial designers.

Though bearing a strong admiration for some of the most pure minimalists, Norm Architects is not easy to categorize. The architects see their work as a part of the Scandinavian modernist tradition – functional, minimal, poetic and timeless – with a profound understanding of natural materials and a special attention to detail. One of their most successful products is the MILK lamp, designed for &Tradition, that combines wood and glass.

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