What’s new: Petite Friture’s Wander mirror

Petite Friture’s elegant Wander mirror breaks the boundaries between an everyday object and aesthetic artwork. Designed by AC/AL Studio, the mirror lets your mind wander into another reality: one that is cheerful, light, and full of colors.

Petite Friture's Wander mirror in shades of vermilion and khaki
Petite Friture's charming Wander mirror opens the window to another reality.

PETITE FRITURE’S Wander mirror delights with a combination of bold colors and intriguing forms. The collection of mirrors of different sizes, shapes, and hues has been created by the Parisian design duo AC/AL Studio, formed by Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot.

The Wander mirror in shades of emerald and cherry
The wall mirror is framed with tinted, translucent glass in two captivating colors.

The unique, graphic look of Wander mirrors was originally born from a painting and collage project. The boundary-breaking method also gave – or rather took away – another kind of boundary to the work. The Wander mirror opens a window into another reality: one with lively lightness, bubbling joy, and striking colors.

Three Wander mirrors in different sized and colours
The Wander collection includes several size and shape options and different color combinations.
Two Wander mirrors in different colours
Wander mirrors work well combined together in multi-piece displays, bringing refreshing colors and unexpected shapes to your home décor.

The Wander collection includes mirrors in three different sizes, framed by translucent glass colored in two stunning shades. With various shapes and changing color combinations, there's a reflector to suit every home and interior.

The mirrors can also be displayed together in artistic, mosaic-like compositions.

The Wander mirror in shades of emerald and cherry
The mirror’s hanging system leaves a gap between the glass frame and the wall, creating a levitating effect and a beautiful halo reflection around the mirror.

The clever hanging system lets the mirror remain slightly off the wall as if floating in the air and showing off its colorful aura. The medium and large Wander mirrors can be hung on the wall in either horizontal or vertical orientation – choose the right direction depending on your mood and the space!

The large Wander mirror in shades of emerald and cherry hung on the wall horizontally
The largest Wander mirror can be hung on the wall both horizontally and vertically.
Petite Friture's furniture
The Wander mirror combines beautifully with other colorful furniture. Here the wall mirror is accompanied by Petite Friture's Fromme chair, Fromme dining table, and Cherry pendant.

The Wander mirrors are well suited for hallways, bathrooms, and living rooms, for both functional and decorative use, to shine and turn heads wherever they are hung. Look into the mirror and let your mind wander!

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Petite Friture

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