Finding the perfect bedside table needn’t be a nightmare – 7 helpful tips for choosing the nightstand of your dreams!

Nightstands often take a backseat when it comes to bedroom decor, but they can still play a significant role in both the atmosphere and functionality of the room. Check out our seven tips for choosing the perfect bedside table and find your dream match.

An image with Montana Furniture's Montana Mini module as a nightstand or bedside table, as part of the bedroom decor.
The wall-mounted Montana Mini modules save floor space and also serve as a refreshing splash of color in the bedroom.

1. Save space with wall-mounted shelving

A wall-mounted module or shelf is a lifesaver for small spaces – and on cleaning days – as a floating nightstand doesn't take up any precious floor space and it's easy to vacuum under it.

Designed by Peter J. Lassen, the Montana Mini modules are available in open versions or with doors or drawers, and in a stunning, rainbow-like array of colors. The modules can be used individually or in various combinations.

Montana Furniture's Montana Mini module >
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A product image of a pink Componibili Bio storage unit.
A contemporary version of the iconic storage unit designed in 1969, Kartell's Componibili Bio is made of innovative bioplastic.

2. Just a stand or space for storage?

When choosing a nightstand, it's important to carefully consider your storage needs. A nightstand with generous-sized drawers is especially useful in a small bedroom, as it will provide a home for loose items such as hand creams, a phone charger, or even that crocheting project you worked on during your bedtime relaxation routine and help keep your space clutter-free.

The iconic classic from Kartell, Componibili, has a clean and sleek look, but its fun sliding doors hide a surprisingly generous amount of storage space.

Kartell's Componibili storage unit >
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An image with Maze's F-shelf as a nightstand or bedside table, as part of the bedroom decor.
Maze’s F-shelf is a charming wall shelf with a graphic shape resembling the letter F.

3. Think outside the box

If you're already set for storage, your imagination is the only limit! Forget traditional drawers and envision something more spectacular: a creatively shaped nightstand can serve as both a functional piece of furniture and a visually striking work of art.

The F-shelf, designed by Kent Johansson, is a modern classic that can be fixed on the wall in a variety of ways. You can also mix and match these fun shelves to create charming arrangements on your wall.

Maze's F-shelf >
All wall shelves >

An image with HAY's Butler step stool as a nightstand or bedside table, as part of the bedroom decor.
HAY's Butler step ladder is a beautiful and versatile alternative to a traditional bedside table.

4. Table by night, superhero by day

Versatility is key when choosing a nightstand. A beautiful and durable stool or chair can hold all the necessary items and then some, and can also serve as an extra seat when needed. Or maybe opt for a step stool – it'll also provide you with that extra boost when you need to reach the top shelves!

The Butler step ladder designed by Shane Schneck is made of solid oak and its sturdy levels can serve as steps, seats, or even table tops depending on the situation.

HAY's Butler step ladder >
All step stools & ladders >

A product image of Verpan's Barboy trolley in orange.
Verpan's Barboy features agile wheels that make it effortless to move around when necessary.

5. Room service!

A small serving cart as a nightstand is also a fun choice for the bedroom – and convenient, as it can be simply rolled aside if needed, for example during weekly cleaning. Perhaps a serving cart would also inspire you to enjoy hotel-style leisurely breakfasts in bed a little more often?

The Barboy trolley, designed by Verner Panton in 1963, has four levels of different sizes, two of which open sideways. The lively and cheerful Barboy adds a touch of lighthearted elegance to the bedroom decor.

Verpan's Barboy trolley >
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An image with ferm LIVING's paper pulp boxes as a nightstand or bedside table, as part of the bedroom decor.
Fashion a casual bedside table out of stylish storage boxes – with an ample amount of storage space!

6. Heaps of storage space

If you need storage space but are not a fan of traditional drawers and dressers, this one is for you! Go creative and stack storage boxes of your liking into a pile of suitable height and finish with a small tabletop if necessary!

The paper pulp boxes with lids by the ferm LIVING are delightfully light and stack beautifully.

ferm LIVING's paper pulp box >
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An image with String Furniture's Museum side table as a nightstand or bedside table, as part of the bedroom decor.
In addition to the side table, String Furniture's Museum series also includes a wall shelf and a candlestick, the height of which is also adjustable.

7. Cast your proverbial net a bit wider

When searching for a nightstand, don't forget to check out the selection of side and end tables as well – often designed to be petite, they make stunning bedside tables. And if storage needs should ever change, a versatile side table can easily find a new spot in the home.

The Museum side table, designed by TAF Studio, is a perfect fit to accompany the bed: it can be easily adjusted to your desired height! The graceful Museum wall shelf can also be put to use as a nifty nightstand.

String Furniture's Museum side table >
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When choosing a nightstand, consider the following:

  • Measure the space. Modern bedrooms are often compact, and a tight space can feel cramped if you stuff it too full. For smaller bedrooms, consider lightweight wall-mounted shelves that also save precious floor space.

  • Assess your storage needs. Are you looking for a stand to set your water glass and alarm clock on, or do you need a decent dresser for unfinished crafts and books?

  • Multipurpose for the win. If you don't need much storage, choose a bedside table that also serves as a daytime piece, like a beautiful stool or chair that can be used as extra seating when needed.

  • Choose a nightstand that suits your style. Do you prefer a minimalist classic to complement your bed, or would you rather opt for something more elaborate?

  • Go traditional or get creative? Instead of a traditional nightstand or side table, try a stack of brightly-colored storage boxes or a playful serving cart.

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