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It's your turn to roll the dice! HAY’s PLAY Yatzy game is a fun novelty that entertains in late-night gatherings as well as on a rainy day. In addition to Yatzy, the long-awaited HAY PLAY board game collection also gives another two classics a fresh look.

The games in the HAY PLAY family can be used as a decoration and displayed in the children's room as well as on the coffee table.

THE DANISH HAY’s Yatzy is part of a new, refreshingly colorful HAY PLAY board game collection. The visual look of the games is by Swedish graphic designer and art director Clara von Zweigbergk, who has also designed the popular Kaleido tray series, for example.

The Yatzy includes a notebook for points, instructions, five colorful dice, and a wooden pencil.
HAY PLAY Backgammon
The considered, charming details of the board games create delightful aesthetics for the gaming experience.

The HAY PLAY series includes a total of three familiar games: Yatzy, Chess, and Backgammon. The retro-inspired packaging brings a modern touch to world-famous board games as well as the joy of design to everyday life. If the rules have been forgotten over time, you can remind yourself with the help of English instructions.

The squares on the chessboard are colored with sweet turquoise and deep dark blue.

The appealing colors and minimalist graphics invite the whole family to play – the modern packages can be displayed, and they playfully decorate a coffee table or open shelves like a stack of books or magazines. The games also serve as an excellent gift idea for offering quality time and fun activities with loved ones.

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