What’s new: Antrei Hartikainen’s Melt vase

Antrei Hartikainen’s Melt vase collection has been inspired by the movements of water. Breathtakingly beautiful vases are just as enchanting empty as they are filled with flowers.

Big Melt vase in peach colour
Antrei Hartikainen's Melt glass vase is a masterpiece of artisanship.

ANTREI HARTIKAINEN is a designer from Outokumpu, Finland, best known for his skilled woodwork – but the carpenter's talent is by no means limited to only wood. Now he is testing the possibilities of a completely different material: glass.

Antrei Hartikainen in black and white photo
In addition to Melt vases, the young designer of the year 2018 has also designed the award-winning Kukkii wood sculptures.
Melt vase in colour peach
The Melt glass vase also charms when empty.

Nature is known to have inspired designers and other artists through the ages. No surprise, then, that the design language of Melt vases also draws inspiration from the living and changing nature.

The exceptional design of the Melt glass vases reflects the movements of water and its constant metamorphosis from one form to another – the vivid texture of the glass evokes images of spring ice partially melted by the sun or the surface of a lake in sensual movement, escorted by a light summer breeze.

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Clear Melt vase
The delicate silhouette and rough surface of the vase resemble the transformation of water: from ice to a flowing river, only to freeze into ice again.
Clear Melt vases
The Melt collection was made in cooperation with the Lasismi glass studio.
Melt bowl and two Melt vases in green
The vases are available in many sizes and various translucent, beautiful colours.

Creating the striking vase requires skills not only from the designer but also from the glassblower. Melt vases and bowls are made by mouth-blowing at the Lasismi glass studio in Riihimäki, Finland.

A unique mould technique creates the interesting, three-dimensional appearance of Melt vases and turns each vase into a delicate work of art that is sure to delight year after year.

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Text: Susa Pääkkönen Images: Antrei Hartikainen

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