What to bring as a gift to the summer cabin? 8 thoughtful cottage gift ideas that’ll keep the invitations coming

You have been invited to the summer cottage, but what to bring as a gift? Fresh strawberries straight from the market and pre-chilled summer drinks are always a sure choice, but if you’re looking for something that will bring a smile to the host’s face for years to come, keep reading. Design Stories put together eight swoon-worthy cabin gift ideas – take a look and keep the invitations coming!

An image of ferm LIVING's Field robes hung on a clothes line.
Ferm LIVING's stylish Field robe is available in many vibrant shades.

1. A versatile robe can be worn all day long

Light and quick-drying bathrobes are the perfect companion for summer beach trips, slow mornings, and relaxing after bathing in the sauna – thus also guaranteed to delight every cottage owner, living their best life without a watch or a calendar. Ferm LIVING's Field robe, made of cotton and linen, is perfected with vibrant hues and a crisp striped pattern. The loose-fitting garment can also double as a light jacket.

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An image of Iris Hantverk's long porch broom and short porch broom leaning against the summer cottage wall, as part of the summer house decor.
Iris Hantverk's range also includes a porch broom with a short handle, perfect for tidying up the outdoor furniture, for example.

2. Lend a hand

Even summer cottage life is not just sunshine and hammock naps: from time to time the daily chores need to be taken care of. Iris Hantverk's hand-made porch broom with a long birchwood handle makes cleaning the porch and terrace much more enjoyable, and it also adds a touch of finesse to the summer cottage interior. Maybe hand the brush over with a promise to use it diligently during your visit?

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An image of Marimekko's Unikko mug on a pink side table, as part of the summer house decor.
Marimekko's Unikko mug is simultaneously timelessly refined and trendy.

3. A timeless addition to the tableware collection

What would a summer cottage kitchen be without the collection of mix-and-match cups and mugs? Dressed in Marimekko's iconic pattern, the Unikko mug has been perfected with fresh, gentle summer tones that are guaranteed to retain their appeal from one year to the next. The recognizable but low-key pattern is also quite easy to combine with existing pieces.

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Muuto's portable Piton lamp hung up on a tree branch.
Muuto's portable Piton lamp can be used for up to 13 hours when fully charged.

4. Keep the evening going with portable lighting

If you are really investing in the gift or planning on acquiring something unforgettable together with friends, a portable luminaire is a guaranteed winner. Muuto’s cordless Piton lamp carries a reference to old-fashioned flashlights both in form and function: the nimble torch is easy to carry from one place to another, both indoors and out. You can also hang the fun luminaire on a tree branch, for example!

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A product image of Metsä/Skogen's Boletus sauna pillow.
The Boletus sauna pillow is adorned with a captivating forest pattern, drawn by Maija Louekari.

5. Something special for the sauna

When planning cottage gifts, it is of course of utmost importance to consider the recipient's taste and style, but you can also draw inspiration from your own favorite cottage activities. If you dash to warm up the sauna as soon as the car has mostly stopped, do choose something to spice up the sauna! The grand Boletus sauna pillow by Metsä/Skogen makes relaxing in the heat even more heavenly.

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An image of Forgo's hand soap on a table with a few peaches.
Forgo's vegan hand soaps are also ideal for the scent-sensitive as all scents are of natural origin – and there is also an odorless option available.

6. Let's get pampering

When in doubt, go for a bit of everyday luxury! Forgo’s all-natural, foaming hand soaps are perfect for the cabin as you make the soap yourself by mixing water and the soap powder, packed in biodegradable paper pouches – no need to haul liquid soap up the country road, and the wasteless solution also makes the surrounding nature happy.

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An image of Raawii's Omar nude carafe and electric blue carafe placed on the table with a soft yellow bowl, as part of the summer home decor.
Raawii's charismatic Omar carafes and bowls are hand-made in Portugal.

7. Serve a bouquet in style

Wild summer flowers in a beautiful vase – yes please! A lush bouquet brightens up the look of any cabin, and by opting for a multi-purpose vase, you ensure that it doesn’t end up collecting dust in the closet when the flowers have withered. Raawii's elegant Omar carafe is not only suitable for serving drinks but it can also double as a vase, a beautiful organizer for spatulas and other miscellaneous kitchen tools, and a delightful decorative item.

Raawii's Omar carafe >
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An image of Alessi's Sottsass jar in a basket on the lawn.
Alessi's eye-catching Sottsass jar was created by Italian design legend, Ettore Sottsass. Image by Suvi Kesäläinen.

8. Treat them with summery flavors

Well-preserved treats are a great cottage gift – and what’s more wonderful than making them yourself! Prepare a batch of easy and summery berry granola and pack it in Alessi’s charming Sottsass jar where it will last up to two weeks – although we dare to say that this crunchy delicacy might magically disappear much more quickly. Take a look at our favorite granola recipe below and try it out!

Summer granola

6 dl rolled oats
3 tbsp oil of your choice
¼ tsp salt
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
2 tbsp honey
100 g crushed pecans
50 g crushed hazelnuts
30 g of freeze-dried strawberries
75 g chopped white chocolate

Here's how:
Mix the rolled oats, nuts, salt, vanilla sugar, oil, and honey well in a bowl. Pour the mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and spread evenly.

Roast in a 175-degree oven for about 25 minutes – turn the mixture over at least twice with a spatula and make sure that the rolled oats don’t burn. Cool thoroughly and add the crushed, dried strawberries and white chocolate. Pack the granola in a dry, airtight jar.

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