Top 6 picks from the creative couple Frank & Philipp, also known as The Lins

Multidisciplinary designer couple Frank Lin and Philipp Kleiber from Germany choose six of their favorite items from Finnish Design Shop's selection. The picks reflect their sensibility for high-quality design and polished visual language.

Philipp Kleiber and Frank Lin
Philipp Kleiber (on the left) and Frank Lin live in Stuttgart. The couple has successfully paired design and content creation.

THE LINS, formed by Frank Lin and Philipp Kleiber, are German designers, lifestyle bloggers and content creators, covering diverse topics such as fashion, interiors, travel, men's care, music and technology. Their Stuttgart apartment is delightfully decorated in muted earthy tones, mixing contemporary design with rich dark greenery.

Hello Frank, hello Philipp, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Could you please briefly introduce yourselves and tell us about the path that led you to where you are today?
“We’re Frank and Philipp and owners of the lifestyle blog the lins. Frank founded his men’s blog in 2014, at the same time when he began studying fashion design. At first, it was all about fashion and life as a design student, but this changed in 2015 once Philipp became actively involved in the blog. Philipp’s background as a historian, political scientist and journalist has had a major impact on the blog. Today, we’re not only working as bloggers but also as content creators and designers.”

“We once read that 'good design connects feeling with logic', which we think is very well formulated.”

Do you have a dream creative project or collaboration?
“At the moment we’re working on our very first own brand which we would definitely describe as our dream creative project.”

What does good design mean to you? What makes a design classic?
“We once read that 'good design connects feeling with logic', which we think is very well formulated. For us, good design has to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. To call a product a classic design, it has to be long-lasting, timeless and recognizable.”

6 design picks by The Lins:

Ferm Living's Hourglass pot

1. The perfect pot for large plants

“We’re huge plant lovers and we always find it hard to get the perfect plant pot especially for bigger plants or indoor trees. We bought the Hourglass pot by Ferm Living for our Ficus Elastica and it looks beautiful!”

Ferm Living's Hourglass pot >

AYTM's Circum mirror

2. Reflections of amber

“We have this Circum mirror by AYTM in our hallway. What we love the most is the amber color which immerses everything in a golden light.”

AYTM's Circum mirror >

New Works' Kizu table lamp

3. Love for marble

“The Kizu lamp by New Works is definitely on our wishlist. When it comes to interior, we really like natural materials. We love that the rounded base is made of white marble. It would perfectly match to our marble dining table.”

New Works' Kizu table lamp >

Frama's Adam stool

4. Stool for any room

“The Adam stool by Frama is also on our wishlist as it’s the perfect allrounder. You can basically put it in every room and it will look good. We would arrange a flower pot on it and use it as an additional stool if needed.”

Frama's Adam stool >

Chemex's Classic coffee maker

5. Coffee meets design

“Who doesn’t love a good afternoon coffee? The Chemex coffee maker is an essential must-have for every design and coffee lover.”

Chemex's Classic coffee maker >

Frama's Shelf Library wall shelf

6. The prettiest of wall shelves

“We usually don’t really like open shelves because it can look messy very quickly but the Shelf Library by Frama is just pretty – timeless and a design object itself.”

Frama's Shelf Library wall shelf >

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Text: Silvia Filippelli Images: Suvi Kesäläinen and manufacturers

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