Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift – Moms at Finnish Design Shop picked 8 favorites

Mother's Day is celebrated in May in Finland and many other countries. Eight mothers working for Finnish Design Shop revealed their favourite Mother’s Day gifts from the online store. Take a look at the gift ideas by our professionals and find inspiration!

Ferm Living's Orb watering can.
Teija Harju works as Visual Content Coordinator for Finnish Design Shop. Teija has two daughters.

Ferm Living: Orb 

“I would like to unwrap the beige Orb watering can by Ferm Living this Mother's Day. It is useful and practical, but also very beautiful. There's no need to hide the watering can: just leave it out as a delightful piece of decor and also to remind you to water your plants.”

Ferm Living Orb watering can >

Vitra's Wooden doll number 11.
Reetta Noukka is the mother of a newborn, born this February. She works as Chief Operating Officer at Finnish Design Shop.

Vitra: Wooden doll 11

Vitra's Wooden doll 11, which features a tiny baby held by the parents, would be quite a heart-warming memory of the first Mother's Day. The iconic wooden dolls designed by Alexander Girard in 1953 are perfect for a bold and bright decor, but they also bring interest to more harmonious and subdued interiors – or to the nursery.”

Vitra Wooden doll 11 >

Bacsac's Garden Fetish Tool.
Marika Serola works as an After Sales Specialist in customer service and has a daughter.

Bacsac: Garden Fetish Tool

“During spring and summer, I can most often be found in our garden. It's a place where we spend time as a family, and where there's always something new for the child to discover. Durable tools are worth more than gold to a garden enthusiast. Bacsac's hand-made Garden Fetish tool can be used for example for planting seedlings and it would serve as a valued and durable gift.”

Bacsac Garden Fetish Tool >

Marimekko's Rosarium slippers.
Armi Laurila works for the Franckly team. 3-year-old Aada is the apple of her eye.

Marimekko: Rosarium slippers

“I recently moved to a wooden house near the centre of Turku with my family. The original wooden floors can at times feel a little chilly and Marimekko's gorgeous Rosarium slippers would help keep my feet warm. Slippers are a practical present for everyday use, and Aino Maija Metsola's floral print would also act as a daily pick-me-up.”

Marimekko Rosarium slippers >

Hetkinen's hand creams
Hanna Mäkelä is the Buyer of Finnish Design Shop. She has three sons.

Hetkinen: Hand cream

“I love cosmetics with a beautiful scent and I always keep hand cream on my nightstand. I'd be thrilled to unwrap Hetkinen's birch-peppermint hand cream with a fresh scent of summer. The rich cream would salvage the hands after constant washing, and the pine jar is pleasing to look at. The gift is also not too pricey for my boys, who are still students, so I might just give them a little hint.”

Hetkinen hand cream >

DeBuyer's Brunchtime set
Mira Ahola is a content creator trainee and mother of 18-month-old Lauri.

De Buyer: Brunchtime set

“The best Mother's Day gift would be a lovely, easygoing breakfast that I wouldn't have to prepare myself. DeBuyer's Brunchtime set includes a Mineral B carbon steel pan that would make for a beautiful, high-quality gift guaranteed to make the whole family happy for years to come.”

De Buyer Brunchtime set >

Iittala's Aili bird designed by Oiva Toikka
The mother of two, Kukka Eira, works in contract sales at Finnish Design Shop.

Iittala: Birds by Toikka Aili

“My pick for a Mother's Day gift is the sympathetic Aili bird designed for Iittala by Oiva Toikka. Aili is clearly a seabird, and it would fit our seaside home perfectly. I've always been a fan of decorative glass. I have huge respect for glassblowers and their craftsmanship, and also for Toikka as a designer. Aili is part of Finnish Design Shop’s 15th anniversary collection and that makes it even more meaningful.”

Iittala Aili bird >

Fiskars' Norden chopping axe.
Karolina Klingenberg is a Logistics Coordinator and a mother of two.

Fiskars: Norden chopping axe

“One of my many dreams is to have a summer house for the whole family. The second one must be familiar to all mothers: more me-time. The summer house is not a priority at the moment, but I would love to start practising for it by chopping wood with Fiskars' chopping axe. And get some me-time while at it!”

Fiskars Norden chopping axe >

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Edit: Mikko Vaija Images: Pauliina Salonen, Timo Villanen and manufacturers

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