Introducing 6 home office chairs that are easy on your back – and the eyes

Working from home can be made heaps more comfortable and productive by choosing the right furniture and arranging space for a proper home office. An ideal office chair is not only an essential part of an ergonomic working space but also a beautiful addition to your home.

Gubi's Masculo office chair in a home office setting.
Gubi's characteristic Masculo office chair designed by GamFratesi gives the home office a stylish edge.

Gubi: Masculo

Gubi’s Masculo is an office chair you’ll want to continue using even after the working day is done. Designed by the renowned Danish-Italian design duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, the beautifully curved Masculo is an eye-catching chair for any space and style. The swivel base and the sturdy backrest make Masculo a reliable working partner.

Gubi Masculo office chair >

Vitra's Physix Studio office chair in a home office.
The light and airy design of Vitra's Physix Studio office chair makes the home office feel more spacious.

Vitra: Physix Studio

Vitra’s Physix Studio office chair is a refreshingly modern take on a traditional office chair by designer Alberto Meda. Featuring a combination of solid, supportive structures and light, flexible elements the Physix Studio chair is a nimble and functional addition to the home office. The stabilizing mechanism and adjustable height make working even more comfortable.

Vitra Physix Studio office chair

Normann Copenhagen's Form Swivel office chair.
The Form Swivel office chair by Normann Copenhagen is available in three stylish shades.

Normann Copenhagen: Form Swivel

Normann Copenhagen’s Form chairs were designed by Danish designer Simon Legald. The designer mentions exploring and analyzing hundreds of chairs in the process of creating the ideal chair. As the end result, Form was created. The aptly named chair features a distinctively beautiful design, but it’s also highly functional and versatile. Complimented with a swivel base and wheels, the streamlined Form Swivel office chair adds a touch of stripped Scandinavian elegance to your working space.

Normann Copenhagen Form Swivel office chair >

Hay's About A Chair chair in white and oak in a home office.
The About A Chair collection is designed to adapt to any space and style. Pick the functions you need and the look you like for a flawless home office fit.

Hay: About A Chair

Hay’s About A Chair features a seemingly simple design, deceptively hiding a multitude of considered details. The distinct, minimalist About A Chair collection was created by Hee Welling in collaboration with Hay. Their objective was to design a chair that combines comfort, form, and function and that would be a perfect fit anywhere, from offices and working spaces to cafés and libraries. Opt for About A Chair models AAC14 or AAC24 if you prefer an office chair with wheels.

Hay About A Chair >

Vitra's AM Chair in black.
Vitra's stylish AM Chair combines a sleek design with extreme functionality.

Vitra: AM Chair

Vitra’s AM Chair is an unparalleled choice even for long days at the home office. Designed for Vitra by Alberto Meda, the AM Chair is an ingenious example of the designer’s deep knowledge of both aesthetics and ergonomics. The ProMotion feature adapts to the weight of the sitter, and numerous other adjustable features make the chair highly customizable for personalized seating. The padded, ergonomically designed seat gives your back a rest and lets you focus, in comfort.

Vitra AM Chair >

Muuto's Fiber chair.
The soft, curved form of Muuto's Fiber chair gives the working space a relaxed and serene feel.

Muuto: Fiber

Muuto’s Fiber chair carries a delightfully simple, harmonic form. The chairs are made of – and named after – an innovative composite material combining plastic with wood fibers. The material gives every chair a unique expression, and in addition makes them 100% recyclable. The meticulously designed, comfortable seat complemented with armrests and a swiveling base make the Fiber chair an exceptional fit for the home office but it works just as well in the dining room. Also available upholstered. 

Muuto Fiber chairs > 

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Text: Mira Ahola Images: Manufacturers

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