What’s new: Petite Friture’s Fromme chair

Like riding a bike! Petite Friture’s Fromme chair is designed by Tom Chung, who drew inspiration to the collection from his own bicycle.

An image of Petite Friture's blue Fromme chair at the table. Also shown is a Vertigo pendant light.
The elegant Fromme chairs are easy to combine with a wide range of furniture. The sculptural Vertigo pendant lamp is also by Petite Friture.

PETITE FRITURE'S FROMME chair boasts simple, streamlined shapes and a slightly curved seat with integrated shock absorbers to maximize a soft and flexible feel.

Made of matte-coated aluminium, the Fromme chair is designed for both outdoor and indoor use – it is equally ideal as a patio chair in the garden or as a dining chair indoors.

An image of Fromme lounge chair, Fromme bar chairs and Cherry pendant lights.
The collection also includes a lounge chair and bar chair, among others, in different colors. The Cherry pendant lights are designed by Daniel To and Emma Alston.
A product image of Petite Friture's green Fromme chair
Designed by Tom Chung, the streamlined look of the Fromme chair conceals a large number of carefully considered details.
An image of Petite Friture's Fromme chairs and tables placed both indoors and out.
The Fromme collection is created for both indoor and outdoor use.

Canadian designer and cycling enthusiast Tom Chung came up with the initial idea for the Fromme collection while cycling at Mount Fromme near Vancouver.

Inspired by the technical features of his bike, he designed a collection featuring small shock absorbers under the seats and tabletops, as well as lightweight and durable cast aluminium tubes with weatherproof powder coating.

An image of green Fromme chairs and a green Fromme table in a kitchen.
Fresh colors bring an energetic mood to the interior. Choose a harmonious set or go bold and combine different colors.
An image of Petite Friture's Fromme stools and Quasar table lamps in a restaurant.
The Fromme chairs and tables are also ideal for public spaces. Petite Friture's Quasar table lamp will arrive in the Finnish Design Shop's selection this spring.

In addition to the chair, the colorful Fromme collection also includes a stool, tables of different sizes, a bar chair and a lounge chair. The Fromme series is made using recyclable materials and UV-resistant coatings that don’t contain harmful VOCs.

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