A Brutalist coffee table, a classic lamp with a modern twist and plenty of rattan – introducing new designs from ferm LIVING!

In addition to the skillfully constructed color palette and the familiar ingenuity, ferm LIVINGs inspiring new launches include versatile storage furniture, earthy rattan, and architectural influences.

An image of ferm LIVING's yellow Post coffee table and wooden Post storage cabinet as part of the living room decor.
Ferm LIVING's simple yet stylish Post coffee table is an effortless fit for all styles. Complete the look with the wooden Post storage cabinet.

1. Post coffee table

Drawing inspiration from the clean lines of Brutalism, the Post coffee table charms with its balanced and sturdy design language. Perfected with an elegant high-gloss lacquer and soft powder tones the Post table makes an exception to the Brutalist rule, however, as it looks luxuriously refined down to its details.

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An image of ferm LIVING's Agnes plant stand as part of the living room decor.
The Agnes plant stand is available in two sizes: low and high.

2. Agnes flower stand

Decorating with greenery is an easy and fun way to add an effortlessly cozy atmosphere to your home. Ferm LIVING's Agnes plant stand, hand-woven from rattan, offers a stylish and sheltered home for your most beautiful plants and at the same time serves as quite the attractive interior design element as such. 

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An image of ferm LIVING's Isola storage table as part of the kids' room decor.
Ferm LIVING's Isola side table features a charmingly organic, undulating shape that adds a touch of Nordic glee to the interior. The table is CE tested so it can also be placed in the kids' room.

3. Isola storage table

If the remote controls on the coffee table or the pile of books forgotten on the nightstand are getting on your wick, turn to the Isola storage table for a clever solution. Inside the stunning rattan side table, you can store anything from an extra snooze blanket to children's toys – at least some of them that is – and the elegant cover hides them from view, in style.

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An image of ferm LIVING's Filo table lamp as part of the living room decor.
Ferm LIVING's Filo table lamp is a balanced fusion of traditions and innovation.

4. Filo table lamp

Classics are called classics for a reason: timeless design language is always in vogue. Ferm LIVING's Filo table lamp borrows influences from traditional table lamps and adds a helping of modern nuances. Made entirely of metal, the lamp is a stylish combination of simplicity and details and is equally perfect as a bedside lamp and on the desk.

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An image of ferm LIVING's Place rack and Braided wall pocket as part of the bedroom decor.
Make Place rack even more multipurpose by combining it with ferm LIVING's Braided wall pocket.

5. Place rack

Versatile storage furniture needn't be massive. Ferm LIVING's streamlined Place rack is suitable for all rooms in the home, from the bathroom to the children's room, and solves several storage problems in one go: the wall-mounted coat rack is not only equipped with beautiful hanging hooks but also a convenient shelf on which you can place sunglasses and accessories as well as favorite toys and clay art.

See also ferm LIVING's Kant memory board – part of its frame doubles as a narrow shelf!

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An image of ferm LIVING's Vuelta wall lamps and Pond mirror as part of the bathroom decor.
The column-like Vuelta wall lamps are finished with beautiful brass details. The Pond mirror is also by ferm LIVING.

6. Vuelta wall lamp and pendant

Attention all fans of the Vuelta table lamp! The charming lamp, inspired by Doric columns, is about to get company as ferm LIVING complements the statuesque series with a hanging lamp and a wall lamp. The Vuelta wall lamp and pendant lamp, finished with sophisticated brass details, will arrive at Finnish Design Shop in early fall.

ferm LIVING's Vuelta table lamp
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Text: Mira Ahola Images: ferm LIVING

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