Rectangular shapes and unusual materials – Muuto’s new collection

The fall 2019 collection of the Danish brand Muuto is filled with unconventional shapes and materials. Discover our favorites from the new collection!


MUUTO PRESENTED ITS latest collection in Copenhagen at the end of August. The new collection consists of lighting, furniture and decorative accessories characterized by angular forms and unique surfaces. New color options were also introduced to some of Muuto’s most popular products. The first batch of the new collection, including the sculptural Ridge vase and the new intense shades of the Leaf lamps, have already arrived at Finnish Design Shop.

Muuto Ridge vase

The sculptural Ridge vase

The Ridge vase, designed by Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters of Studio Kaksikko, was inspired by the facade of a building the designers came across in Paris. Due to its unusual shape, the vase provides a new way of arranging flowers and, what’s more, makes a statement even when it's empty. The vertical lines decorating the sculptural vase are accentuated by the dents on either side that also act as handles to help move the vase around. Made of terracotta or white earthenware, the Ridge vase is available in two sizes.

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Muuto Leaf table lamp

Dozing off

The Doze lounge chair was designed by a frequent Muuto collaborator, design studio Anderssen & Voll. The Norwegian design duo says they wanted to bring new perspectives to the minimalist style of Scandinavian design by adding details inspired by 70’s furniture. The comfortable chair, with an extra-wide backrest, fits a variety of spaces from cozy reading nooks to stylish hotel lobbies and, for total relaxation, the range also includes an ottoman. Speaking of items that fit reading nooks, the Leaf lighting range, designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, has expanded with two new colors: dark green and copper brown.

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Muuto Tub jug

The edgy Tub jug

The unusual silhouette of the Tub jug, designed by the French design studio Atelier BL119, will not go unnoticed. The angular handle and large opening give the pitcher a modern, industrial look – it’s no surprise that the inspiration for the design came from a fuel container. We are particularly delighted with the jug’s multifunctionality: the Tub jug can also be used as a watering can or a vase.

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The angular Tub jug can also be used as a watering can or a vase.

Muuto The Dots

Unique surfaces of ceramic Dots

Muuto launches Dots coat hooks made of ceramics to add to the already existing collection of wooden and metal Dots designed by Lars Tornøe. The ceramic hooks are particularly interesting due to the reactive glaze that makes the surface of each hook unique and the shades beautifully variant. The ceramic Dots come in delicate tones of rose and light blue as well as a more earthy burnt orange.

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Strand lighting

Strand is the first product designed by British designer Benjamin Hubert for Muuto. The translucent Strand lamps are made using a special technique in which plastic resin is sprayed on a steel structure to create the lamps’ shade. Due to this technique, the surface of the shade looks fascinatingly unique, a bit like a web, when the light is turned on. The Strand lamp comes in two different shapes and several different sizes.

Muuto's new products will be available at Finnish Design Shop in fall 2019.

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Photos: Muuto

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