The Marimekko Marimade collection puts the fun in functional while also protecting our planet

The new Marimade collection by Marimekko is an ode to the randomness of life. Made of recycled, reusable, or renewable materials, the Marimade home accessories make the everyday brighter with their uniqueness, celebrating its unpredictable beauty.

Marimekko Marimade Oiva - Unikko drinking bottle, cork
Marimekko's Marimade collection celebrates everyday life and its peculiar moments.

WHAT IS THE EVERYDAY? On the one hand, it is made up of fleeting moments, commuting, going to the gym – things that we do without paying too much attention to them. But on the other hand, it is full of coincidences and unexpected situations that require creative solutions.

This is what has inspired Marimekko to create their new Marimade collection: the unexpected beauty of life. The focus of the series is on happy coincidences and everyday oddities that make each day different and fuel creativity.

Marimekko Marimade collection
The collection's products are made, among other things, from recycled, reused, natural, and biodegradable materials.
Marimekko Marimade Oiva - Siirtolapuutarha lunch box, natural white
One of the collection's themes is to encourage creativity and playfulness.

Creative play

According to Marimekko, Marimade is like a creative laboratory, whose imaginary – sometimes also actual – test tubes bubble with inventive product ideas to make our everyday life brighter. The items in the collection are the kind that we use all the time in our everyday lives, without even noticing, such as a drinking bottle, a shopping bag, and a small pouch to hold your keys, lip balm, and other small items that get lost at the bottom of your handbag.

The objects are designed and selected so that they are also multi-purpose and bring opportunities for creative play in everyday life. For example, the tote bag can be used to decorate the pot for a house plant, the water bottle can double as a vase for a single flower or branch, and the lunch box can be packed with art supplies for a painting session in the park.

Marimekko Mini Unikko pouch, A5, brown - natural white
The small pouches, made of cellulose, are decorated with the Unikko pattern and Marimekko logos. There are two different sizes of pouches available, A4 and A5.
Marimekko Mini Unikko pouch, A5, brown - natural white
The pouches can also be used as clutches, and the bigger one even holds a tablet.
Marimekko Marimade Verkko bag, light blue - chestnut
The small bag, made of recycled polyester, is decorated with the checkered Verkko pattern designed by Fujiwo Ishimoto. Verkko is Finnish for "net".

On the lookout for more sustainable materials

Marimade's main idea is to protect our beloved planet by using renewable materials for manufacturing or by utilizing materials that might otherwise go to waste.

As mentioned, the collection's products are made from recycled, reused, or natural materials, such as surplus fabrics and recycled paper or cellulose and bamboo. Some of the products are also made from the Finnish material innovation called Sulapac. It is an entirely biodegradable material that resembles plastic but is made with plant-based biopolymers and natural clay minerals.

Marimekko Marimade Verkko bag, light blue - chestnut
The Marimade products can be used for many different purposes: for example, you can use the tote bag to cover a not-so-aesthetic plant pot.
Marimekko Marimade Oiva - Siirtolapuutarha lunch box, natural white
The material of the lunch box is a Finnish material innovation called Sulapac. The bio-based material resembles plastic but is made from natural raw materials.
Marimekko Marimade Oiva - Siirtolapuutarha takeaway mug, natural white
The takeaway mug is also made of Sulapac. The notebook covers are made from surplus fabric, so the patterns vary depending on the fabrics available.

Unpredictable beauty

The products of the collection are characterized by their unique appearance. For example, in the Sulapac material, the unpredictable beauty of everyday life is represented also in the fact that its color may change over time; however, this doesn’t affect the usability of the takeaway mugs and lunch boxes.

The appearance of the other items can also vary due to the materials – for example, the notebooks with fabric covers are made from surplus fabrics from Marimekko's own printing factory, so their patterns vary according to the fabrics available. The unique look of the products is an excellent example of the everyday happy coincidences that the collection is all about!

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images: Marimekko

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