A bench is both for fun and functionality – introducing 6 benches for different purposes

A bench is often a given in the hallway, but the multi-purpose piece of furniture is a true home interior all-rounder by heart. We chose six beautiful and practical benches for different uses – read our tips and get inspired!

An image of &Tradition's Betty TK5 benches and Flowerpot VP3 table lamp as part of the dining room decor.
The understated and refined look of &Tradition's Betty TK5 benches is perfect for the dining room. A design by Verner Panton, the Flowerpot VP3 table lamp is also part of &Tradition's range.

Go for a bit of cottagecore

Benches next to the dining table may evoke images of cottage furniture or a picnic table, but by choosing sleek and finished benches to keep the table company you’ll create an irresistibly charming and cozy ensemble.

The Betty TK5 benches designed by Sami Kallio and Jakob Thau for &Tradition bring a soft and natural look to the dining room.

&Tradition's Betty TK5 bench >
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An image of Skagerak's Maissi bench against a dark green wall, as part of the living room decor.
Skagerak's compact Maissi bench fits even a smaller apartment.

A lighter lounge chair

A bench with a backrest can be put to use as a lounge chair or even a petite sofa. A bench is hardly suitable for all-out lounging, but when perfected with beautiful decorative pillows or seat cushions, seating comfort is guaranteed.

The compact and sympathetic Maissi bench designed by Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela features a rounded armrest in addition to the backrest.

Skagerak's Maissi bench >
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An image of FDB Møbler's F24 Radius bench as part of the hallway decor.
FDB Møbler's F24 Radius bench is a design by Diana Mot and Isabella Bergström.

For a more versatile vestibule

The hallway is often challenging to decorate, as it requires strict functionality, but space is often scarce. Opt for a bench that is comfortable to sit on to take off your shoes, but also has some built-in storage space.

FDB Møbler's strikingly beautiful F24 Radius bench has two drawers and a shelf for storing small items and accessories. The sleek bench can also be used as a coffee table or TV stand.

FDB Møbler's F24 Radius bench >
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An image of Form & Refine's A Line storage bench, Echo rack and Rim mirror as part of the bathroom decor.
The A Line storage bench, made from oak, is available in two sizes. The Echo rack and the Rim mirror are also by Form & Refine.

Storage where you need it

Storage space is of course needed everywhere in the house, not just in the hallway. If closet space is limited, a storage bench might just save the day. Shoes, towels, toys, and bed linens can be neatly tucked away in the storage bench, and after closing the lid, the bench serves as both a seat and, for example, a coffee table.

Form & Refine's A Line storage bench is a true tour de force by Herman Studio, combining strict functionality and a finished appearance. Inside the sturdy bench made of solid oak, you’ll find plenty of room for storage, and the handy hinge mechanism of the lid makes it effortless to use.

Form & Refine's A Line storage bench >
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An image of Artek's Aalto bench 153A and Riihitie plant pot in front of a window, as part of the living room decor.
Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1945, the Aalto bench 153A is an unparalleled classic. The Riihitie plant pot is also part of Artek's range.

A stage for your favorite items

A bench can also be just for fun! Gather your plants into a charming mini-jungle on the bench by the window or compose an eye-catching display from your favorite books and decorative items – a stylish bench serves as an excellent stage for your favorite things.

The Aalto bench 153A designed by Alvar Aalto is a time-tested choice for both everyday use as well as for decorating. The airy and harmonious look of the birchwood bench is also a perfect fit for the bedroom: place it at the end of the bed for some everyday elegance.

Artek's Aalto bench 153A >
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An image of Made by Choice's black Airisto bench as a coffee table, as part of the living room decor.
The Airisto bench is crafted at Made by Choice's own factory in Salo, Finland.

To sit or not to sit?

Especially in a smaller living room, it might not be worth it to cram a large coffee table into the space. Choose a multi-purpose stool or bench instead – they can also serve as an extra seat as needed.

Made by Choice's softly rounded and delightfully refined Airisto bench is perfect for the living room, as it can also effortlessly be used as a side table or coffee table

Made by Choice's Airisto bench >
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Text: Mira Ahola Images: Finnish Design Shop and manufacturers

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