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Designer Siri Carlén’s Monster rug is a fierce statement piece that strips away unnecessary conventions and encourages experimenting.

Hem's Monster rug in an ultramarine blue shade spread on the floor.
Hem's Monster collection features rugs and luxuriously soft blankets in several untamed patterns.

HEM’S MONSTER RUG is sure to catch the eye with its bold pattern, delicious colours and fuzzy texture. The playful rug is reminiscent of a monster's fluffy coat, decorated with a stripe pattern designed by Swedish illustrator Siri Carlén.

The Monster rug is very large in size – as you might expect from a monster – and makes a striking addition to any living room or lounge area.

Close up of Hem's Monster rug in an ultramarine blue colour.
Hand-knotted in soft New Zealand wool, the rug feels warm and fuzzy to the touch – like the fur of a cuddly monster.
Designer and artist Siri Carlén.
The playful Monster rug is designed by Swedish artist Siri Carlén.

The designer behind the Monster collection, Siri Carlén, is a Stockholm-based artist who has on both commercial and artistic projects ranging from fashion and interior design to book illustrations and murals. Carlén's work is described as playful, colourful and dynamic – of which the Monster rug and its lighthearted mood are a prime example.

Hem's Monster rug in ultramarine blue.
The fresh stripes and the deep ultramarine hue give any space a dose of positive energy.
Hem's ultramarine blue Monster rug in a living room.
The gigantic Monster rug is perfect for binding different pieces of furniture together and creating cohesion.

The delightful Monster carpet is packed with character and doesn't take itself too seriously, rather it comes with a license to let loose. The deep blue ultramarine hue is very much in trend, and it looks particularly fresh combined with a neutral color palette.

Hand-knotted of in soft New Zealand wool, the rambunctious rug is an obvious addition to a decor devoted to color, but looks equally stunning alongside classic pieces and a more toned-down look.

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