Ask the Customer Service: “How to build a functional workstation for a schoolchild using String Furniture shelves?”

As fall approaches, updating the home-office workstation and equipping the patio for colder weather and darker evenings are topical themes in Finnish Design Shop’s customer service. Design Stories’ column seeks answers to questions that puzzle design lovers around the world.

String Furniture shelving and Artek's Domus chair
String Furniture’s shelves can be used to create a timeless and stylish workstation for a school-goer as well as a remote worker. The chair is Artek’s Domus, the pendant lamp is &Tradition’s Flowerpot and the braided basket is Ferm Living's Pear.

IN THE NORTH, SUMMER has been kind to those who love warmth. Even though we still have summer weather, many have already started to think about fall. Some of the design products used on the patio or balcony are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so there is no need to give up the summer oasis just yet. Evenings can still be spent outdoors under warm throws and in the cozy light of a fireplace or cordless lamps well into the fall. Summer is often a state of mind.

The first sign of fall is children going to school, and many parents are thinking about setting up a workstation for a school-goer and updating their own home-office workstation. People often contact our customer service when they are looking for functional and attractive storage solutions for their home. Many companies offer helpful configurators for toying with different ideas and trying out different combinations.

This Design Stories column provides answers to popular questions, which may be helpful and inspirational to others, as well. Miina Lindblad from Finnish Design Shop’s customer service team answers the questions.

1. How do I build a functional desk for a school-goer using String shelves?

Together with a work desk, the String Furniture shelves form a functional and compact workstation. In addition to the shelves, all necessary books and devices can be placed in drawers and cabinets connected to the desk. When all the storage space has been used, more shelves can be easily added above or on either side of the desk. There are several color options to choose from, and the colors can also be combined. The String shelving system is amazingly spacious for its size and a very popular storage solution for small spaces.

“The String shelving system is amazingly spacious for its size and a very popular storage solution for small spaces.”

The String configurator helps with the design and gives a good idea of what kind of a shelving system is best for your home. Lundia, Muuto and Maze, among others, also provide tools that help you choose the right products to buy.

String Furniture shelving units >
String Furniture's configurator >

2. Can Ferm Living’s Plant Box be placed outdoors?

Yes, Ferm Living’s Plant Box can be used both indoors and outdoors. On the balcony or patio, it is perfect for flowers and herbs, and indoors, it can be used with house plants and for storing books and small objects. The round Plant Box can be combined with a Wire basket top, after which it can be used as a small coffee or side table, for example. The sleek and stylish Plant Box also makes for a perfect minibar that can be easily hidden.

The product is made of powder-coated metal, and it withstands moisture and sunlight, although any water should be wiped off to avoid rust damage. Just as all other outdoor furniture, Plant Box should be moved indoors for the winter to protect it from cold weather.

Ferm Living Plant Box >

3. Does Fatboy’s Headdemock hammock withstand rain?

The Headdemock hammock is made of dirt, water and UV-resistant fabric, so it can be kept outdoors for as long as the weather is warm enough for using it. However, the hammock should be protected from extreme changes in weather and particularly from rain to keep it in good condition for longer.

A separate, nylon cover with a water-resistant silver coating is also available for the hammock. In addition to moisture, it protects the hammock from pollen, leaves and birds and keeps its color bright. The cover is easy to put on, and it can be cleaned with warm water and mild liquid soap. For the winter, the hammock should be stored in a dry place, protected from sub-zero temperatures.

Fatboy Headdemock hammock >

Miina Lindblad

Miina Lindblad works as a design sales representative in Finnish Design Shop’s Customer Service team. Her design treasures include a self-designed lamp based on an old spinning wheel, and underneath it, her latest acquisition, Artek’s Trienna table.

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Text: Miina Lindblad Illustration: Evi Rinkinen

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