Ask the Customer Service: “I’m looking for a shelving system that’s easy to assemble. Any tips?”

Assembling a shelving system can also be an easy feat instead of a headache. Our selection even includes shelving systems that can be assembled without any tools!

Muuto's Stacked 2.0 shelf modules can be used to create stylish and playful storage solutions for different spaces and needs.

FALL IS A TIME of change. For some, fall means moving to a new place for work or studies, and for some it means rearranging the furniture to try out something new at home. Whichever the case may be, modular storage solutions, such as shelves that only need to be put in their new place, help ensure that everyday life runs smoothly.

1. I’m looking for a shelving system that’s easy to assemble. Any tips?

“Shelving systems that are quick and easy to assemble are a lifesaver for anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes in the walls – or just wants to keep things easy. Such shelving systems include Muuto’s Stacked 2.0, Audo Copenhagen’s Zet Storage System, and Hem’s Zig Zag. For example, it only takes a minute to assemble a Stacked shelf: all you need to do is put the shelf modules in the desired order and snap the clips in place at the edges of the modules. Rearranging the modules is as easy as dusting them, so there’s no need to wait until the next time you move house to change their order. In the Zet Storage System, the shelves are just placed on the frame, whereas the accordion-like Zig Zag system can be stretched into shape in the blink of an eye.”

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2. How many holes do I need to drill for the String System’s side panels?

“It takes two screws to fix one String System side panel. Since one String shelf requires at least two side panels, you need to drill at least four holes. The String floor panels must also be fastened with two screws to make the structure safe. If you’re planning to assemble a high shelving system, any side panels placed on top of each other (e.g., a 200-cm high floor panel and a 50-cm high wall panel) can be fixed neatly at the same point using just one screw. The package contains screws and, of course, clear installation instructions. You should, however, check the wall material before installation, as drywall, or a stone wall that crumbles easily, requires the use of appropriate anchors that hold the screws in place.

"The String Configurator is a convenient tool for designing your own shelving system."

If you’re wondering what kind of a String System would be best for your home, you can use the String Configurator available via the String product cards in our online store. You can also view a String System installation video in the same place.”

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3. I’d like to extend my old Lundia shelving system. Do you have spare parts?

“Yes, we do. You can order all Lundia products currently in production through us. If you need a specific shelving system component that’s not included in our selection, just contact our customer service. In addition to the Classic open uprights and shelves, we also get a lot of inquiries about support pins to replace ones lost while moving house. Lundia was founded to meet the need for a shelving system that can be assembled and dismantled over and over again. The shelving system can be extended and modified endlessly to meet the current need.”

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Miina Lindblad

Miina Lindblad works as a design sales representative in Finnish Design Shop’s Customer Service team. She is currently renovating an almost hundred-year-old house, and the interior seamlessly combines the new and the old. Miina’s newest design treasure is Vitra’s chrome Wire Chair, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the old house.

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Text: Miina Lindblad Illustration: Evi Rinkinen

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