No wrapping paper? No problem! 4 + 1 tips for gorgeous gifts without paper

Wrapping presents may sometimes feel like a chore, so what if you made the wrapping a part of the gift? To help tackle holiday stress, we hand-picked four fabulous alternatives for wrapping paper from Finnish Design Shop's selection. 

by Lassen's Kubus-pot in a furoshiki fabric wrap
Why not try wrapping your gifts in fabric? The easiest gifts to wrap are rectangular packages, but a cubical item like by Lassen's Kubus is also straightforward enough.

1. Wrap it up in fabric

Have you ever heard of furoshiki? The traditional Japanese method combines minimalist aesthetics with eco-conscious gifting, using fabric as the wrapping material instead of paper.

Our recommendation for wrapping small presents is the Aamu linen napkin from Lapuan Kankurit, which has an effortlessly relaxed and rustic look – so no worries, if your wrap isn’t perfectly symmetrical! Instead of a napkin, you could also use a silk scarf or a piece of offcut fabric, but in any case, your wrapping material should preferably be square to make the process easier.

Aamu napkins by Lapuan Kankurit >
All table linen

Sauna set: sauna seat cover by Lapuan Kankurit, Hetkinen sauna scent drops, Sauna book
Surprise your sauna-loving friend with a linen tote bag filled with Finnish sauna goodies: a sauna seat cover by Lapuan Kankurit, sauna scent drops by Hetkinen, and a coffee table book full of stories and images of saunas.
Gift wrapping with a linen tote bag and a velvet ribbon
Fold the tote bag into a neat little package and finish the gift off with a ribbon. A silk or velvet ribbon can be used again next year.

2. Tote bags of fun

The perfect tip for awkward-shaped gifts! If your present is asymmetrical or consists of multiple items, the easiest thing to do is to put it in a nice tote bag. A tote looks charming as is, especially if you choose it in a design that matches or complements your gift. But if you prefer a more traditional look, you can also fold it neatly and finish the present with a ribbon!

Rakkauden meri tote bag by Saana ja Olli >
All bags >

Marimekko Marimade takeaway mug and box in a Lastu basket by Verso Design
Fill a minimalist gift basket with picnic essentials and a lovely bouquet. The Marimekko Marimade takeaway pieces are made of a sustainable Finnish invention, Sulapac.
Marimekko Marimade takeaway mug and box in a Lastu basket by Verso Design
The Lastu basket is Verso Design's modern interpretation of a traditional Finnish birch basket. In addition to mushroom picking, the basket could be used for storage or as a decorative piece in the home.

3. Basketful of design treats

A gift basket is a classic for a reason: it immediately makes your present look fancy and elaborate. Especially a gift set of any kind looks lovely in a basket or hamper, and you can always tone it down to a more minimalist style.

A basket is also very multifunctional, and the recipient can use it for whatever they may think of: storing, organizing, transporting, berry or mushroom picking. Or perhaps as a decorative basket for a houseplant!

Lastu basket by Verso Design >
All baskets and hampers >

Kent clothes brush and Steamery sewing kit in HAY's Colour Storage box
HAY's round containers make great gift boxes. They could also be used for storing the gift itself, like a Kent clothes brush and a Steamery sewing kit.

4. Think inside the box

A more traditional alternative for wrapping paper is a gift box, of course, with the perk being that it can be reused again, and again, and again. Another perk is that it doesn’t only have to be used as a gift box, but for various other purposes – we can instantly think of a bunch of knicks and knacks around the house that we could store inside the box.

HAY’s Colour Storage range features rectangular and round boxes in a multitude of delicious colorways that are sure to bring good cheer to both the gift giver and the receiver. Pick a box in the recipient’s favorite color, for example!

Colour Storage box by HAY >
All boxes and containers >

A product image featuring Finnish Design Shop's eGift Card.
Finnish Design Shop's eGift card will save you the trouble of wrapping altogether.

+ 1: eGift card

If you want to skip wrapping, boxing, or basketing altogether, there's always the option of an eGift card – it can be delivered directly to the receiver via email in a matter of minutes. Effortless and eco-conscious!

Get inspired 

Saana ja Olli
Rakkauden meri canvas bag
Sauna scent gift set
Cozy Publishing
Sauna book
Lapuan Kankurit
Aallokko cover
Siirtolapuutarha lunch box
Verso Design
Lastu basket
Siirtolapuutarha takeaway mug
Lapuan Kankurit
Lastu tea towel
Kent Brushes
Kent CC2 clothes brush
Sewing kit
Colour Storage box
ReNew scissors
Tiiliskivi fabric
by Lassen
Kubus flowerpot 10
Lapuan Kankurit
Aamu napkin
Umpu vase

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Text: Emmi Ratilainen Images and videos: Mira Ahola

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