8 aesthetic mirrors to elevate your home

Whether you need to check your hair or make the room seem bigger and brighter, a beautiful mirror often gives a space that perfect finishing touch. Design Stories rounded up eight mirrors that are sure to make any design lover’s heart flutter!

Ferm Living Pond mirror
Ferm Living's Pond mirror was inspired by the flowing movements of water.

1. For a soft touch

Add a stylish juxtaposition detail to your living spaces with the organically shaped Ferm Living’s Pond mirror, instead of the usual rounded mirrors. Inspired by the fluidity of flowing water, its meandering form brings a sense of softness and openness to a space. With numerous ways to hang this decorative mirror, this piece is definitely a perfect fit for a cozy ambiance!

Pond mirror by Ferm Living >

Magis Vitrail mirror
Designed by Inga Sempé, the Vitrail mirror plays with colours and reflections.

2. For an artistic touch

Go bold and fun with the Vitrail mirror from Magis by mix-matching the individual pieces from the collection on a plain wall in the comfort of your own home! Designed by French designer Inga Sempé, this collection was inspired to reflect the surrounding in a creative fashion with its series of geometric shapes and colours. With a total of eight exclusive designs – fret not that you’ll be out of options to choose from!

Vitrail mirror by Magis >

Klassik Studio Beauty Box
Beauty Box was designed by Ejner Larsen and Aksel Bender Madsen in 1954.

3. For a humble touch

The Beauty Box by Klassik Studio is a versatile home fitment that complements any home decor style. This classic utilitarian accessory box is compact in size and simple in design with a hint of refined craftsmanship. Tip: a great piece to be placed at the hall entrance for last-minute mirror checks with its internal mirror or for storage of keys or daily jewellery with its reconfigurable organiser.

Beauty Box by Klassik Studio >

Menu Nimbus mirror
Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen's Nimbus mirror features a delicate, halo-like brass frame.

4. For a sophisticated touch

The Nimbus mirror from Menu will be a good investment for a classic signature piece. Influenced by the Greek mythology of Nimbus, the brass accent around the rim of the mirror is designed to mimic the halo-like ring. For those mirror-selfie lovers, don’t miss out on this decorative piece for an additional dimension for your next Instagram post!

Nimbus mirror by Menu >

Muuto Framed mirror
The contemporary Framed mirror was designed by Anderssen & Voll.

5. For a sleek touch

Elevate your home or office with the Framed mirror from Muuto as a backdrop to add character and depth to the space. This subtle piece by Anderssen & Voll is designed to be viewed as a piece of art, rather than a mere reflective surface, with a contemporary form that gives the illusion of the mirror floating off the wall.

Framed mirror by Muuto >

Artek 124 degrees mirror
The medium-sized 124 Degrees mirror comes with a small wooden shelf that appears round when viewed via the mirror.

6. For an innovative touch

The 124 Degrees Mirror from Artek is a playful yet functional exploration of light, reflection and images. As suggested by its name, two mirror surfaces are adjoined at a 124° angle with each piece reflecting different imagery of its surroundings. Yet, you will not see your reflection when looking directly into the mirror. Either fixed to a wall or as a standalone piece, this mirror is an ideal addition for small living spaces to bring in more views and light for a homey vibe.

124 Degrees mirror by Artek >

Normann Copenhagen Flip mirror
The special edition Flip mirror in matte steel was introduced in 2019 to celebrate Normann Copenhagen’s 20th anniversary.

7. For an intimate touch

The sleek Flip mirror from Normann Copenhagen is a modernised design of the everyday desk mirror. Keeping it akin to its fundamentals, a pivoting rod was consciously designed to enhance its function by allowing users to adjust the mirror to the perfect viewing angle. With a built-in sleek tray for makeup or jewellery, it’s versatile enough to be used in the bedroom, bathroom or even in the hallway.

Flip mirror by Normann Copenhagen >

New Works Aura table mirror
The Aura mirror is technically not a mirror, but lights and shapes are reflected from its shiny metal surface.

8. For a whimsical touch

The Aura table mirror balances beautifully as a sculptural object that illuminates reflections through its mix of hard, flat and curved surfaces. Unlike conventional mirrors, it’s tactilely designed to be held on for the sense of weight while the softness of its three-dimensional form counterpoises visually against it. Whether it’s placed individually or stacked as a cluster, Aura fits well with any type of furnishing paired against its simple metal silhouette.

Aura table mirror from New Works >

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Text: Melissa Tsang Images: Manufacturers

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