2024 interior design trends – expert predictions on colors and materials

As we dive into 2024, the world of interior design is buzzing with fresh trends. What can we expect in home decor this year? Which styles will remain and what new trends will emerge? Finnish Design Shop's interior designers offer insights into the prevailing and emerging trends.

&Tradition Inland lounge chair, Tung side table
Light walls, angular furniture, round details, and vintage art form a contemporary combination. Inland armchairs and Tung side tables by &Tradition.

HOW TO SUMMARIZE 2024 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS? Strict definitions may not be necessary, as 2024's home décor trends are all about embracing diversity. From the classic appeal of coziness to the clean lines of a more puritanical, light-dominated décor, these trends cater to various tastes. Social media is ablaze with unique ideas that are trending but only in very specific bubbles.

In 2024, homes reflect joy, humor, and a sense of comfort.

This year, individuality is key, with homes becoming unique and surprising sanctuaries. Artisan furniture, second-hand treasures and DIY solutions add character, making each home a personal haven. Interiors reflect joy, humor, and a sense of comfort – homes are made for living, after all.

&Tradition Momento candleholder
Small, personal arrangements form a key part of a unique, layered interior. For example, candle holders from &Tradition's Momento series add a touch of elegance and personality.
LAYERED Johanna wool rg
This year, pattern play takes center stage, with a fearless mix of different designs. The plush Johanna rug from the Layered brand, featuring various shades of blue, is a perfect example of this trend.

Key trends to watch in 2024

The global situation and current megatrends influence interior design, with homes representing sanctuaries of comfort, safety, and warmth. Timelessness is a significant trend, with inspiration drawn from various decades and styles.

A move towards simplification and graphic elements is becoming evident, while classic, cozy, and slightly more abundant interiors continue to rise in popularity. This trend is particularly visible in Sweden, which generally favors a more opulent style compared to other Nordic countries. Simple Scandinavian furniture is paired with abundant arrangements, and modern art is mixed with more traditional, preferably flea market-found oil paintings. The style is spiced up with fabric lampshades and soft, plush rugs.

On the rise is a cozy and slightly more abundant decor, spiced up with textiles and patterns.

The use of textiles is becoming more prevalent, with bold patterns playing a major role. The trend of Italian-style, legless modular sofas is now joined by traditional legged sofas, indicating a shift in furniture preferences.

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Colette ATD6 table lamp
Cozy Publishing
Iconic Atelier
Solo Seat lounge chair
Paper Collective
Layers 01 poster
HAY Apollo wall sconce
Aluminum, opal glass, and curvy shapes – these elements bring associations to the early 2000s. At the same time, the form appears refreshingly new. The Apollo wall sconce is part of the Danish HAY's collection.
&Tradition Loafer lounge chair, red
A light creamy wall color is a fresh background for bold primary colors. The glowing red Loafer chairs are part of &Tradition's collection.
Muuto Piton lamp
Muuto's streamlined Piton lamp is softened by light cream-colored, casually flowing curtains.

Relevant decades: noughties revival

Fashion often leads the way for interior design trends. Following the revival of the 90s – first in apparel and then in homes – the aesthetics of the 2000s are now expected to make their way into home décor. While we might not be quite ready for lava lamps to come back, we do believe other noughties favorites will gain popularity. Think of 2000s designs by Italian brands like Artemide, Flos and Kartell, for example.

2024 home décor will be influenced by 2000s aesthetics.

The 1970s also continue to be a significant source of inspiration for modern furniture design, influencing both the choice of materials and the color palette. The distinct, bold forms synonymous with the '70s are enjoying a resurgence, which is particularly evident in the sturdy armchairs and artful coffee tables that echo the period's aesthetic. Additionally, reproductions of the era's iconic designs are once again commanding attention.

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Eero Aarnio
Tupla Kupla lamp
DLM table
Louis Ghost chair
Original bean bag
HAY Rebar table, red
An accent color is easy to add to the home in small touches. Small red details brighten up HAY's Rebar table and Sobremesa plate.
Marimekko Unikko vase
The round-lined Unikko vase is part of Marimekko's spring 2024 range. Soft shapes get an interesting counterpart from the glowing red color and the angular chair.

2024 color trends: the palette turns red and white

The color palette offers something for almost everyone both in terms of shades and mood. The soft and earthy color scheme of recent years isn't going anywhere, but instead of monotony, we expect to see more nuances: a monochromatic décor in dusty shades will be overthrown by creative and compelling color combinations. We're yet to see the revival of feature walls, but it could happen sooner than we think!

In the palette of 2024, pure white and vivid red are poised to take the lead as the most fashionable hues.

Simultaneously, light hues will also gain space after a long reign of muted tones, and white walls seem again a refreshingly crisp option. We even predict a new rise for all-white kitchens – classic solutions are gaining ground everywhere. As far as individual colors go, bright red is at the forefront of trends, sprinkled as an accent color in decor details.

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Aalto stool E60
Setago JH27 table lamp
Normann Copenhagen
Dit table
Plissé electric kettle
Vaarnii pine furniture
Vaarnii's pine furniture stands out for its unpretentious material and distinctively simple appearance.
Georg Jensen Bernadotte collection
Steel and chrome are easy to add to the home in small details. Georg Jensen's elegant Bernadotte series exudes a classic atmosphere but is currently also a very timely choice.

Material trends in 2024: pine and metal

Wood continues its victory march along with other natural materials. Pine has been emerging as a serious option alongside classic wood types, and the range of pine furniture is now expanding significantly. Variations, marks and even outright flaws are accepted and even desired: they are signs of natural and authentic material. Additionally, this increased tolerance is an act of sustainability, as it reduces waste in production.

For 2024, we predict the rise of chrome and steel.

In 2024, we predict a significant surge in the use of metallic elements across interior design. Metals like chrome and steel will not only claim larger visual spaces, like home fixtures, but also accentuate finer details within room arrangements and kitchen utensils. The trend will embrace a bold mix of different metals, where the gleam of polished steel meets the textured charm of patina and raw metal finishes, showcasing the beauty of metals in their most natural and lived-in states.

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Nappula candleholder
Eclisse table lamp
Georg Jensen
Bernadotte jug
Ferm Living Post table
The round shapes of Ferm Living's Post table are paired with streamlined steel. This combination of soft and hard elements is now seen everywhere in interior design: in materials, shapes, and colors.
Normann Copenhagen Dit table
Normann Copenhagen's Dit table features trendy thick tubular legs combined with a light travertine top.

Shapes of 2024: playing with contrasts

In forms, just like materials, a commitment to variety and juxtaposition stands strong. The organic curves that have been a staple in recent years continue to be significant, yet now they share the stage with bold, geometric shapes. For instance, a couch with gentle curves is set against an armchair with rigid lines, while a sinuous table surface is supported by a stark, angular base. These crisp contours inject a dynamic edge into any space.

In shapes, the playful manipulation of contrasts and scales adds visual tension.

The playful manipulation of scale and balance adds visual tension and interest. Consider tables with robust, rounded legs paired with a delicate, slender surface. The interplay of different materials further accentuates the contrast in form and balance: the warmth of natural wood stands out against the cool austerity of granite, and a sharply defined square table is softened by a luxuriously deep-pile wool rug. This combination of soft and hard elements is now evident across interior design.

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Audo Copenhagen
Torso lamp
Puffy lounge chair
Residue Shaggy rug
Metal Sculptures table

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