Finnish Design Shop’s Winter Sale continues – check out these 7 irresistible design gems!

Winter’s frosty breath may linger outside, but we’ve got the warmth, style, and coziness waiting inside. Design Stories curated 7 design gems from Finnish Design Shop’s grand winter sale – explore our favorites and beat the winter blues!

Finnish Design Shop sale
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THE WINTER SALE continues – save up to 50% on thousands of design treasures from sought-after Nordic brands. The sale items are available while stocks last, so pick your forever favorites and secure them today! The campaign is valid from 5 to 31 January 2024. The offers apply to new orders and items marked with a campaign tag.

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The calm appearance of the Fox lounge chair comes from its slender, soft lines and low seat height.

For rattan lovers

The rattan has experienced a comeback in recent years – and if you ask our editorial team, a truly waited one! In the charming Fox lounge chair, this beautiful material is used in the best possible way. Viggo Boesen originally designed the delicate Fox chair back in 1936 and today it is part of the Danish Sika-Design's Icons collection, which is entirely dedicated to rattan classic furniture.

Sika Design's Fox lounge chair, now 25 % off >

Paris lounge chair, now 20 % off
Hanging Egg Exterior chair, now 30 % off
Funky dining chair, now 20 % off
Franco Albini ottoman, now 30 % off
Flambeau wall sconce comprises a black-painted steel base and a backplate in polished brass, which guides, reflects, and magnifies the light of the candle.

Vintage charm

Audo Copenhagen's Flambeau candle scolde lifts candles to the wall as a beautiful part of the décor. Emitting a delightful vintage ambiance, the candle holder captures attention with its sculptural form, for which the Danish design studio Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen has drew inspiration from French modernist lighting and the irregular, shifting shape of a candle’s flame.

Audo Copenhagen's Flambeau wall candleholder, now 20 % off >

TR Bulb table lamp, now 20 % off
Duca candle holder, now 20 % off
Aer vase, now 20 % off
Olfacte scented candle, now 20 % off
GUBI's Tynell’s 5321 table lamp is also known as theShell Lamp due to its brass shade resembling a seashell.

Delicate clam

In 2018, the Danish design brand GUBI launched the lightning collection including luminaires by Finnish Paavo Tynell. One of these treasured gems in the Tynell collection is the charmingly beautiful 5321 table lamp, designed originally in 1941.

The 5321 lamp draws inspiration from nature and the Romantic era, and the luminaire’s simplified appearance also echoes influences from mid-century modernism. Located right under the shell-shaped shade, the light bulb is reminiscent of a pearl, casting its gentle and warm light all around. A rattan-covered stem complements the organic appearance of the brass surfaces.

GUBI's Tynell 5321 table lamp, now 25 % off >

Gräshoppa floor lamp, now 20 % off
Beetle chair, now 25 % off
Multi-Lite pendant, now 25 % off
GUBI 1.0. lounge table, now 25 %
Laine, like all other Sera Helsinki rugs, is handcrafted in Ethiopia using local, hand-wound sheep wool, which is also spun into yarn by hand.

Your warm friend during cold winter

Sera Helsinki's woven Laine rug keeps your toes warm even during the coldest winter. The Laine rug is part of the Saaristo collection designed by Anna Pirkola, who was inspired by the ever-moving and changing sea. The knotted pattern enlivens the surface of the wool rug, the asymmetrical edge adds an original twist to the otherwise minimalist design.

Sera Helsinki's Laine rug, now 20 % off >

Raindrop rug, now 25 % off
Näkymä II rug, now 25 % off
Saaristo rug, now 25 % off
Myky rug, now 20 % off
The different colors and sizes of Parade luminaires are charming both alone and together, both with the lights on and off.

Shaping atmospheres

The Parade table lamp by Danish HAY not only serves as a delicate light source but also as a sculptural decorative object. Designed by Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach, the lamp is made of shiny, opaque-colored glass that mirrors the surrounding room in fascinating ways, making the look of the Parade lamp change depending on the angle at which it is placed.

The adorable table lamp also features a dimmer, which makes it easy to adjust the amount of light to suit the space and the mood.

HAY's Parade table lamp, now 20 % off >

Tint wineglass, now 20 % off
Long twist candles, now 20 % off
HAY PLAY chess, now 20 % off
Outline duvet cover, now 25 % off
The streamlined Sarpaneva cast iron pot is the perfect piece of cookware for all friends of good food and modern Scandinavian design.

Slowly stewing

The Sarpaneva cast iron pot, designed in 1960 by Finnish design legend Timo Sarpaneva, is a classic product for every kitchen. The post is ideal for any hearty meal: stews, slow-cooked bolognese, or even a whole roast chicken. The detachable wooden handle makes it easy to lift either the whole pot or only the lid without burning one's fingers. The enamel coating prevents food flavors from sticking to the pot’s surface, so the same pot can be used for various dishes.

Iittala's Sarpaneva cast iron pot, now 25 % off >

Virva table lamp, now 25 % off
Taika duvet cover, now 25 % off
Artik cutlery set, now 25 % off
Ultima Thule plate, now 20 % off
1616 / arita japan's TY Anise 150 bowl is ideal for serving breakfast croissants and other delicacies.

Versatile surprise

The witty TY Anise bowl is part of the TY Anise collection, designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara and made of clay with a traditional Japanese technique used in the town of Arita for decades. The versatile little plate catches attention with its unusual and playful octagonal shape, fitting seamlessly into both day-to-day and festive table settings – it serves not only as a plate for tasty appetizer soup or delicious desserts but also as a tray or serving dish.

1616 / arita japan's TY Anise 150 bowl, now 25 % off >

SB vase, now 20 %
PC mug, now 30 % off
SB mug, now 20 % off
SB cup and saucer, now 20 % off
The bright stripes of the Molino grinder are hand-painted, giving each item a unique look and character.

Spice up your table

If you want to add another eye-catcher to your table, Hem's Molino grinder is your absolute number-one choice! Designed by Fabien Cappello, the bright-striped grinder draws inspiration from the energy and vibrancy of his native Mexico. The cheerful spice grinder brings life and joy to any table setting – this spice grinder is so much fun to use that food might be in danger of becoming too spicy!

Hem's Molino grinder, now 20 % off >

Monster rug, now 25 % off
Puffy lounge chair, now 25 % off
Glyph Alpha side table, now 25 % off
Knuckle table lamp, now 20 % off

Finnish Design Shop's sale products are available only while stocks last – order your favorites soon!

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