A new home for 120 pre-owned Artek chairs – Franckly and Bob W’s partnership campaign was a success

In the spring of 2021, Franckly and the short-stay apartment hotel Bob W joined forces to find vintage Artek chairs in Finland. Read what these two advocates of the circular economy and sustainable development achieved together!

Artek Aalto chair 69, birch
Franckly and Bob W launched a collaboration campaign to find pre-owned Artek dining chairs.

IN EARLY 2021, Finnish Design Shop's marketplace for pre-owned design, Franckly, embarked on an ambitious campaign with the Bob W short-stay apartment hotel in Helsinki. The aim was to find more than 100 pre-owned Artek chairs in Finland – specifically, chairs designed by the renowned Alvar Aalto in the early 1930s, of the design types 65, 66 and 69.

Artek Aalto chair 69, birch
Bob W was the first international accommodation provider in the world to become fully carbon neutral, which it achieved in 2021. This required significant efforts, one of which was to procure pre-owned Artek chairs through Franckly.
Bob W Apartments Helsinki
Besides Helsinki, Bob W offers short-stay accommodation in Tallinn, London and Madrid.

Thanks to Franckly’s reach and efficiency, this goal was achieved quickly. The “Follow” feature in particular proved useful – it sends a notification by email when a desired product goes on sale.

“The partnership with Franckly went very smoothly. They helped us every step of the way, and Franckly makes it simple to follow specific items that you want to find through the marketplace. That’s a pretty handy feature when you’re after more than a hundred chairs!”, says Bob W co-founder and CEO Niko Karstikko.

The beautiful, patinated classics found a new home in the Bob W apartment hotel that opened in May 2021. In the end, 120 Artek chairs were found.

Niko Karstikko Bob W
“Customers think it’s fun to see a bit of history in the chairs. They are not usually the kinds of things you give much thought to when taking the weight off your feet,” Niko Karstikko says.
Artek Aalto chair 69, birch
Bob W has received plenty of positive customer feedback on the chairs, and their small but significant details. A small sticker was attached to each of the chairs acquired through the campaign, indicating the model and the name of the previous owner.

The collaboration was not only about the re-use of pre-owned furniture but also about making the circular economy more inclusive, both at the individual and the company level. Bob W and Franckly are determined to do their part in this regard by promoting a new way of working.

Bob W and Franckly are determined to make the circular economy more inclusive.

Their contributions to sustainability will not end with the chair campaign, however. The mindset of the circular economy will continue to be an integral part of their activities. Among the resolutions Bob W has made in its responsibility report is that the company will continue to use more and more pre-owned furniture in all of their apartments.

Lotta Kuuteri Franckly
For Franckly, the collaboration was a successful opening. “Larger quantities of pre-oned design products can also be procured in the future,” says Lotta Kuuteri, Franckly's Sales Manager.
Artek Aalto chair 69, birch
The Bob W apartments provide a homely and comfortable setting for guests.

Launched in 2019, the Franckly marketplace for pre-owned design is focused on responsible consumption and sustainable choices. Naturally, it also plays a significant role in Finnish Design Shop’s responsibility strategy. The marketplace has been continually developing its operations since the beginning, and continues to build up well-working and reliable collaboration networks throughout Finland.

In short, Franckly has all the opportunities and the capabilities needed to supply pre-owned creations and selected vintage treasures on a larger scale in the future also.

“In partnering with Bob W, one of Franckly’s goals was to test how well the platform, which is based on circular economic principles, lends itself to sourcing larger quantities of products. The project had its challenges, but the collaboration went excellently, and the end result is clear proof of this”, says Franckly Sales Manager Lotta Kuuteri.

“We now know what kind of model can be offered through Franckly, and we have proven that great design doesn’t always have to be purchased new.”

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Text: Elina Tuokko Images: Bob W and Kristiina Kurronen

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