The Beam Lamp from Muuto lights up two areas at the same time

Can one and the same lamp be used to light both the magazine that you are reading by the table, as well as the painting hanging on the wall? The Beam Lamp, designed for Muuto by Tom Chung, is a small but multipurpose desk lamp that does the job of two lamps at once.

Muuto Beam Lamp

THE TRANSFORMATION OF HIS childhood home inspired Canadian designer Tom Chung to create a table lamp that would cast light in two opposite directions.

“The idea for the Beam Lamp came while renovating my childhood home. I had made a shelf to use as divider between the hallway and living room and needed a lamp that could at once throw light out into the living room and down the hallway”, says Tom Chung.

Muuto Beam Lamp
Muuto Beam Lamp

The Beam Lamp, manufactured by Danish Muuto, consists of two cylindrical pieces: The vertical base rotates 350 degrees and supports the diagonal cylinder, which has dimmable LED lamps on each end. Because of the slanting structure, the light is directed both upward and downward.

“The Beam Lamp mimics a single ray of light that travels through a round tube with its dimmer allowing the user to alter the light omitted in each end across three levels of light”, Chung explains.

All the adjustments to the Beam Lamp can be made through one control knob.

The designer’s goal was to condense the most extensive adjustments possible into the most streamlined and intuitive form. Consequently, all the adjustments to the Beam Lamp can be made through one control knob – the intensity of the light is determined by pressing the round button on the frame, and the light source is selected by rotating it.

“With the Beam Lamp, you can alter the volume of light omitted, change its direction by the turn of its base and place it on any shelf, table or windowsill for a new perspective on modern lighting.”

Muuto Beam Lamp
Muuto Beam Lamp black

The Beam Lamp is made from anodized aluminum in a matte finish and is available in four stylish colors.

Its convenient size, sleek appearance, and adjustment capabilities ensure that the inventive Beam Lamp brings new life into any space.

Its convenient size, sleek appearance, and adjustment capabilities ensure that the inventive table lamp brings new life into any space. Set the Beam Lamp as a reading light at your bedside or beside your armchair and use its other end to project soft mood lighting on the back wall – or do what Chung himself does and use the Beam Lamp to direct light into two different rooms.

Tom Chung
Designer Tom Chung and a blue prototype of the Beam Lamp.

Who: Tom Chung

• Canadian industrial designer, born in Vancouver in 1990
• Opened his office in Toronto in 2016, focusing on material objects and interior space
• Combines influences from contemporary culture and local industry in his production
• Beam Lamp is Chung’s first product designed for Muuto

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Text: Nora Uotila Images: Muuto

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