Nuppu Junior kids’ tableware is designed to last for life

Created by Maija Puoskari and Tokyo SAIKAI, the children’s Nuppu tableware range is expanding with a new line, Nuppu Junior. The beautifully minimalist tableware can be used even when the little ones are all grown up.

Nuppu Junior tableware
Maija Puoskari's Nuppu Junior tableware is designed particularly for kids aged 3 to 6, but the simple design language and beautiful tones also please the eye of adults.

THE NUPPU PRODUCT FAMILY got some new members as a new line for kids aged 3 to 6 was added to the range. The new Nuppu Junior tableware, just like the earlier Nuppu Baby line, is carefully designed to fit the little ones’ needs – yet also to teach them to use and value breakable dishware.

“I want to encourage families to use authentic, traditional tableware, ceramics, steel wood. I feel it is important that the child learns from an early age to handle and appreciate breakable objects and materials,” says Puoskari.

Maija Puoskari
Maija Puoskari's designs are characterized by authentic materials and clean-lined, nature-inspired forms.
Nuppu Junior tableware
In addition to ceramic tableware, the line consists of cutlery, towels and a wooden tray.

Created in collaboration with the Japanese lifestyle brand Tokyo SAIKAI, the Nuppu tableware is made in Japan. The ceramic dishware is crafted in the town of Hasami, which has a long tradition of ceramics spanning almost 400 years.

The steel cutlery, in turn, is made in Tsubame-Sanjo, an area known for top-quality metalware. The charmingly rounded design was inspired by pebbles shaped by waves, and it also feels safe and comfortable to hold in little hands. The cutlery’s weight and dimensions are also carefully considered with kids’ needs in mind.

Nuppu Junior tableware
The hues of Nuppu Junior are inspired by nature. The tableware comes in three colorways: lingonberry, blueberry, and cloudberry, as well as a set that contains a mix of colors, berry smoothie.
Nuppu Junior cutlery
The forms of the Nuppu Junior cutlery are nice and round. The design language is inspired by the shapes of pebbles by the seashore.

In addition to ceramics and cutlery, the line also includes a gorgeous ash wood tray in a size that is specially designed to fit the little hands that carry it. Furthermore, the line includes a towel set that echoes the notion of durable, authentic materials: unlike paper napkins or kitchen roll, the towels can be used and reused time and time again. The highly absorbent mini towels are made of a cotton-linen blend.

Alongside quality and sustainable materials, Puoskari has focused on a beautiful and simple design language that does not restrict the use of the items as the child grows. In addition to the round shapes already mentioned, the shades of the dishes are also inspired by nature: the Nuppu Baby dishware comes in colors inspired by wildflowers, while the shades of Nuppu Junior allude to berries found in Finnish nature, lingonberry, blueberry and cloudberry. The monochrome, minimalist dishes can just as well be used by adults.

Nuppu Junior tableware
Nuppu products are made in Japan using durable, authentic materials.
Nuppu Junior tableware
The idea of Nuppu kids' tableware is that they don't need to be discarded after a certain age, but can be used well into adulthood.

“What matters to me in the design of Nuppu is its versatility. It is not just intended to be children’s tableware that will be thrown away as the child grows up. Nuppu is a long-lasting series and can follow the child alongside them or stay in the family for other uses,” Maija Puoskari says.

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