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The charm of Pihlgren & Ritola’s wallpapers lies in their beautiful patterns but also in the traditional manufacturing method. The wallpapers printed with the old rotary printing press feature slight variation in hue and pattern, which provides an attractive handmade quality. Each roll of Pihlgren & Ritola’s wallpaper is therefore a unique individual, keen to adorn your walls.

Pihlgren ja Ritola
Yki Nummi
Length 10,05 m, width 53 cm, straight match 4 cm


Yki Nummi

Yki Nummi

The versatile designer Yki Nummi (1925-1984) was born in China to a missionary family. He studied in Finland and after graduating from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, he was hired as a lamp designer for Orno. His most famous products are the timeless icons Modern Art table lamp and Skyflier pendant lamp.

The Modern Art table lamp was designed at Orno in 1955 and it is one of those classics that contributed to making Finnish design famous all over the world in the 1950’s. Modern Art represents European designs in the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York and it has been part of the MoMA’s permanent collection since 1958. Another well-known lamp by Yki Nummi is the Skyflier lamp, designed in 1960, which was awarded in the same year of its launch at the Milano Triennale. Both Skyflyer, known in Finland also by the name of Lokki (Seagull), and Modern Art are still today very popular and have become real classics.

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