The Kontur vases from Kähler combine modern art and functionality in a new and exciting way. Choose the 20 cm Kontur vase for dried flowers and small branches or let the sculptural vase catch the eye as an impressive stand-alone element.

The unique, minimalist form of the Kontur vases celebrates the union of modern and timeless design. The vases are enrobed in matte glazing, creating a stone-like surface and providing a fascinating contrast to the soft, fluid shape of the design. The Kontur collection is designed by artist Turi Heisselberg Pedersen to mark the occasion of Kähler’s 180th anniversary in 2020. The range is available in white and blue, containing 5 vases in different sizes and each with a distinctive expression.


Kontur vase 20 cm, blue


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20 cm
15,5 cm

Turi Heisselberg Pedersen

Turi Heisselberg Pedersen is a Danish artist and ceramist best known for her modern, distinctive ceramic art. Turi Heisselberg Pedersen’s work features the interplay between nature and culture and her recognizable pieces draw inspiration from geological and crystal formations and shapes found in nature, but also from architecture and computer renderings. Her contemporary yet timeless creations are a fascinating combination of detail and minimalism.

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