The Iris collection, designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk for Hay, has an attractive look with light pastel colours and beautiful combinations of soft and sharp shapes. The Iris products are made of ultra-thin porcelain in Japan, and you can also find hints of Japanese minimalism in their uncoated matte surface. The refined mugs and vases are a delight in daily use as well as celebrations.

The Kitchen Market collection from Hay combines Danish design with global influences. It features distinct kitchenware in diverse ranges of textures and colours.


Iris vase, large, off-white


4–5 weeks


17 cm
14 cm

Clara von Zweigbergk

Clara von Zweigbergk, born in Stockholm, Sweden, is a graphic designer and illustrator, who has worked with advertising agencies and designers in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Milan. She currently pursues her great interest in paper, colour, typography and handcraft through projects ranging from corporate identities, art direction, packaging and book design to a growing number of products. She has designed a range of accessories for Hay and the Cirque pendant collection for Louis Poulsen. In 2016 von Zweigbergk received the Bruno Mathsson Award together with Shane Schneck.

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