Folded Hands poster, white

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The posters by Paper Collective are produced in limited editions. For every poster sold, Paper Collective donates at least 15% to charity. The designers are favorite graphic design artists and illustrators from all around the world. The posters are printed in Denmark.

This poster by the Norwegian illustrator Børge Bredenbekk supports TBA -organization.

Paper Collective
Børge Bredenbekk
Offset printed on 200g uncoated Munken Lynx paper (archival quality, FSC certified)
50 x 70 cm
Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system. Please note the frame is not included.


Børge Bredenbekk

Børge Bredenbekk

Børge Bredenbekk is a Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer who has studied art and design in England and worked for both European and North American clients. Bredenbekk’s work is often a combination of fine technical skills and captivating narratives.

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