Lampi mirror, round

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Hakola’s Lampi, designed by Elina Ulvio, is an attractive, geometric mirror with a birch plywood frame and hanger. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table as a decorative tray. The round Lampi mirror creates a playful atmosphere in the bathroom, hall or by a dressing table. The mirror is available with a rounded or rectangular handle and it measures 35 cm in diameter. The product is handmade in Hakola’s own factory in Jurva, Finland.

Elina Ulvio
Diameter 35 cm, length 41 cm
Birch plywood, mirror glass


Elina Ulvio

Elina Ulvio

Elina Ulvio is a Finnish designer who works in Helsinki and has a background in architecture. She specializes in furniture design, and her designs have been described as functional art. In 2016 the Wallpaper magazine listed Ulvio as a Next Big Thing in world’s new talents, and her clients include names such as Northern Lighting, OK Design, Interface and Hakola.

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