Vaarnii’s pinewood bowl offers an eye-catching tray for fruit and dry foods or for storing your favourite objects. Designed by Mac Collins, the sculptural object features a round shallow bowl resting on six thick legs, combining straight lines with smooth curves and vertical wood grain patterns with horizontal ones – one might say, the bowl elevates its contents in more than one way.


009 bowl, medium, pine



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FSC certified oil waxed pine
9 cm
31 cm
1 kg
Pine is a soft wood and will suffer some dents and scratches over time, which should be embraced and enjoyed as characterful signs of aging. Pine will naturally change color as it ages with your pale piece of furniture gradually maturing to a beautiful honey color over the course of several years.
Care instructions
Use a microfiber cloth when dusting Vaarnii products. Do not use any solvents on wood, only water is recommended.

Mac Collins

Mac Collins is a British designer who focuses on handcrafted, experimental furniture and objects in an effort to bring out and call forth the inherent properties of the materials used in them. In addition to materiality, Collins often draws inspiration for his work from his own background, bringing features inspired by his Caribbean and African roots to the furniture also informed by the European and Scandinavian style.

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