Scented candle with lid, FLAMMA

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The Flamma scented candle from Skandinavisk depicts a glowing fireside: the smoky notes of burning logs, golden resin oozing from the pine and gleaming faces mesmerised by the flames.

Skandinavisk’s scented candles feature unique fragrances inspired by the nature, seasons, cities and traditions of Scandinavia. The hand-poured candle comes in an attractive glass votive which can be re-used with tealights. Skandinavisk’s scented candles are lovely decorative items and a delight for many senses.

Painted glass votive, beechwood lid, blend of perfume and vegetable wax with a 100% cotton wick
Burning time approximately 45 hrs
Height 8,4 cm, diameter 7,6 cm. Wax blend 190 g.