POV candleholder table, black

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The POV is a light and playful candleholder that can be used as a single piece or in a group. The term POV means Point Of View. If you move around the POV candleholder, it seems like a flat graphical drawing at some angles. Move around it and suddenly the graphic lines float in mid air. Shadows and shapes change, making it a fun object to interact with.

Note Design Studio
Powder coated steel
Height 8 cm, depth 21 cm, width 18,5 cm


Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio is a Stockholm-based studio founded in 2008. Note does projects within architecture, interior, product and graphic design and design strategy. The name note is associated with the studio’s aim: get noted. By looking into what is unique for each project, and by emphasizing that, they aim to transform the non-material into tactile objects and spaces.

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