Wästberg’s Holocene No.4 is a stripped-down interpretation of the classic oil lamp by British designer John Pawson. The lantern, with a matt surface on the outside and polished on the inside, is also suitable for outdoor use. Indoors, it is a delightfully ambient addition onto a side table or windowsill, and outdoors it can be hung on a porch or balcony, for example, or placed on the steps to serve as an outdoor lantern.

Wästberg’s Holocene collection is a tribute to fire, mankind’s first source of light. The name of the collection comes from geology: Holocene is the geological era that began after the last ice age when the actions of humans did not yet affect nature. The purpose of the collection is to remind how important an element fire has been to mankind, and that it still offers ways to create atmospheric and pleasant lighting – either instead of or alongside electric lights.


Holocene No.4: John Pawson oil lamp



1–2 months


Stainless steel and aluminium
43,5 cm
13,5 cm
Only use high-quality clear paraffin oil for oil lamps. Wick included. Recommended wick diameter 4 mm, height 3 mm.
Care instructions
Handwash only. Wipe the lamp clean of possible oil spill between uses.
Please note that the product will darken naturally over time and fingerprints, grease, water, etc. may leave stains on the surface. If you wish to keep the high polished surfaces, wash with mild soap or detergent, then rinse in clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

John Pawson

John Pawson (born 1949) is an English architect and designer known for his minimalist aesthetics and holistic approach to design, whether it be a church, a residential building or even cutlery. Well-known works by the award-winning architect include the Nový Dvur monastery in the Czech Republic and the Sackler Crossing bridge at Kew Gardens in London. In the field of design, he has collaborated with the likes of Tekla, Salvatori and Wästberg, among others.

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