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New Works’ Gear candle holder gets its unique character from an industrial, angular design combined with shiny, anodized metal. The designer Rikke Frost found inspiration for the Gear candle holders after a visit to an engine museum in Copenhagen. The aesthetics of old diesel engines create a stunning contrast with the glimmering surfaces, which reflect the light of classic taper candles in a beautiful and interesting way.

New Works
Rikke Frost
Anodized aluminium
Height 110 mm, diameter 58 mm


Rikke Frost

Rikke Frost

Rikke Frost is a Danish designer who has studied industrial design in Aarhus, where she founded her own studio in 2004. Frost’s design has a holistic and sustainable Scandinavian touch, which often finds rugged and sculptural forms. During her career Frost has collaborated with many well-known Danish and international brands.

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