Global’s G-77 Japanese chef’s knife is a stellar combination of ergonomic design, extreme functionality and aesthetics. Crafted completely out of steel, the knife is seamless, making it especially hygienic. The olive cut blade of the G-77 chef’s knife enables cutting and slicing challenging ingredients like fish and meat with utmost precision, as the grooves in the blade prevent them from sticking. The wide, stable blade allows you to use both hands to enforce and control the movement when chopping. Designed by Komin Yamada, the knife is equally perfect for both domestic and professional use.

Global knives are hand-made in Japan, following the age-old traditions of Japanese sword-smiths. The unique, top-quality steel alloy CROMOVA 18 used in Global’s razor-sharp blades consists of chrome, molybdenum and vanadium. The extremely tough and durable material also fights rust and corrosion.


G-77 Japanese chef's knife, steel, 20 cm



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CROMOVA 18 stainless steel
Steel, black
33 cm, blade: 20 cm
Care instructions
Hand wash only

Komin Yamada

Komin Yamada is a Japanese industrial designer best known for his iconic knives created for knife manufacturer Global. Yamada was commissioned in 1983 to create ”the world’s best knife” and the first, revolutionary Global knife was launched in 1985. Yamada’s innovative design combined with Japanese craftsmanship have since made the acclaimed Global knives coveted favorites of both professional and domestic chefs alike.

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