FDB Møbler’s charming wooden boxes are Monica Ritterband’s modern interpretation of apple boxes traditionally used for harvesting. In addition to apples and other goodies from the garden, the wooden boxes are suitable for a variety of storage needs in the home.

The oak wood boxes exude an old-fashioned charm that makes them the perfect addition to rustic décor, for example at a summer cottage. However, the old-timey look also creates a delightful contrast in a more urban interior. The set includes four boxes in different sizes, each finished with the FDB Møbler logo.


FDB Møbler

X1 apple box, 4 sizes


In stock on 10 May, 2021


Untreated oak
26,2 cm / 31,7 cm / 37,2 cm / 53,7 cm
17,1 cm / 22,6 cm / 28,1 cm / 39,1 cm
15,6 cm / 18,6 cm / 21,6 cm / 25,3 cm

Monica Ritterband (born 1955) is a Danish artist and designer who is also known in her home country as a news anchor – before moving on to the fields of arts and design, Ritterbrand worked as a journalist for Danish newspapers and television. Her sculptures can be admired in numerous public places in Denmark. In the field of design, Ritterband has collaborated with Royal Copenhagen and FDB Møbler, among others.

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